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Thursday, January 29, 2009

It’s The End Of The World As I Know It…

The economy is in the toilet…the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl…and now THIS:

There are very few moments in life that stand out in your memory, as a sharp distinct memory. When you graduated high school;  the first time you heard Nirvana;  the day you figured out that the internet was made for porn. I had one of those yesterday.  And sadly, it’s not a good moment. It was the the day Jessica Simpson reached Oprah status – on the tonage scale.  I remember meeting Jessica a few years ago, and I was rendered speechless by her unquestionable hotness.  What the hell has happened??? She looks like she should be serving pie at a truck stop on an interstate in Arkansas.  Hmmmm…that reminds me…what ever happened to Ashley Simpson?  I know rumor has it that she got married, etc., etc., etc., and fell off the radar.  My theory?  Jessica ate her!!!!

posted by Gonzo at 2:57 pm  

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad economy is getting worse

Is it ironic that the peeps who work for collection agencies calling people who owe money are trying to keep thier jobs as well? When will this STOP!! This 800 Billion dollar plan won’t work unless- all the money is given to us, the consumers. We then can pay our bills and morgages and get out of debt. The money will be paid to our creditors and banks therefor being put back into the economy! BOOM. There’s the solution. Give US the money!

posted by Kat at 2:34 pm  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inuaguaration Day !

(did I spell that right?) WOW! it happened! A new Pres sworned in! No mater your political views and beliefs, you MUST have gotten a chill or 2, yes? It was quite exciting and historic! 2 million peeps gathered! Sorta like Fat Tuesday in DC! Except no one flashed or threw beads. Although, friends of mine from New Orleans who were there WORE thier beads! Represent! All and all, excitement has been given back to our country. Hopefully we can ride this wave and turn this crappy economy around. Many of my friends who work in the radio biz got let go yesterday. Almost 2 thousand peeps from the same company all over the country! On Inauguaration Day?????!!! WTF???!! How absolutely shitty is THAT???? At any rate, I have reached out to all of them and tried to comfort them as best I can. On such a great day for the country as a whole, it was also a sad pathetic day for many of my radio pals and colleuges. Goes to show you, the new Pres has a difficult job ahead of him. We’re counting on him! I keep empty boxes and an empty suitcase in my office. ‘Just incase’ I gotta pack up and leave. I’m prepared. But I have no plan B……….

posted by Kat at 4:53 pm  

Friday, January 16, 2009

You gotta believe there’s a god today!

or at least something out there powerful guiding us! Miracle on the Hudson! All 155 passengers and crew members survived the plane crash on the Hudson River near New York City yesterday! A miracle? fate? karma? kismit? You are not allowed to be in a bad mood today after knowing this news. I think the big guy up there swooped in and made this happen to wake us all up! to count our blessings! To get back in the game! What an incredible story. And the pilot is for sure a hero. The cause of the crash is still being investigated but the experst say that flying geese got into the engines and made the plane crash. Nope, not damn snakes, it was geese! The crash happened shortly after lift off. So the passengers didn’thave to eat that aweful inflight food! That’s a bonus. And ya, forgive me for being religious but I can believe if I want to.

posted by Kat at 2:46 pm  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Am I slow and old?

It has taken me almost 2 years to finally conquer this Myspace thang. I’m still not really sure what the point of it is……a friend of mine, their 10 year old kid set up my Myspace page for me. And now, all the kids are on this Facebook thing!!?? Sooooo, I set up a Facebook. All by myself even! And I now see how peeps get addicted to this! Honestly, I have been on it all day while here in the studio rocking you. I have found so many old friends from high school on the Facebook. When we were actually in high school, we wouldn’t in a million years think of the internet, myspace, facebook, cell phones, etc. Pong and VHS baby! That’s how it rolled. Was life easier and simpler then? I enjoy when no one can get a hold of me. I like to disappear for days and not hear from ANYONE. Now that is all but impossible. Is technology sucking the life out of us? Blackberrys, crackberrys, Iphones, Ipods…wtf?? I never thought I would sound ‘old’ but here I am, confused by it all. I kinda like how it was back in the day. Does anyone miss pay phones?

posted by Kat at 5:31 pm  

Friday, January 9, 2009

I’m Confused

Like many of you, I am not banking the same amount of money I used to. This economy is BAD and is only going to get worse! Here’s a little secret- in radio you really don’t make a lot of money!! It’s actually pathetic what our salaries are. We don’t do it for the money obviously. And we make up for it in our extra voice overs and appearances. That is how we eat and live. Those have pretty much dried up. And like many, I live paycheck to paycheck. Thankfully it is just me and I have no other mouths to feed . I feel for those who do! It’s pretty scary for a lot of people right now! I am confused because with all that said, my bills are multiplying, collection agencies calling me etc, why is it that I STILL get emails and junk mail to get a new credit card????? WTF??? If I suck so bad finacially then why do they keep sending me offers?? They are the ones that suck, right? Do credit card companies WANT us to be in debt to them?? Doesn’t that hurt the economy not help it? And isn’t it a waste of paper to be mailing these offers out in bulk? I just don’t get it. I’m really scared. Not just for me but for anyone who is feeling shaky right now. It sux! Who/what/where is the solution??? No one has one.  Back to Raman Noodles and Koolaid for awhile. It can only get better, right???!!!

posted by Kat at 2:38 pm  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Service? What Service?

Anyone remember when there was actually some SERVICE involved in the “Service Industry”?  I think I’ve pretty much become accustomed to the “What You Want?!?!” at the drive-through, and the cursory shove of the bag of food out the drive-through window without so much as a “Thanks, Come Again”…but I still get a little irked when I walk into a business – to ACTUALLY MAKE A PURCHASE or PAY FOR A SERVICE – and wait and wait and wait at the counter, while the employees chat away, or talk to God knows who on their cell phone, or best of all…look at you like you’re interrupting their busy day.  I’m a pretty mellow person, and I usually brush off bad service as someone having a bad day – and I always leave a generous tip at restaurants, even if the service – or food – is mediocre.  That’s just the way I am.  But, my last two experiences with a major pizza delivery chain has pushed me over the edge.  Last week, I ordered about $30.00 worth of food my friend and me.  I was told there was a delivery fee.   No problem.   So, an hour or so later, I get a call on my cell phone from the delivery driver…”Come down and get your pizza”.  I live in an apartment with one of those buzz-you-up intercoms at the front door.  One with easy to follow directions printed on it.  But, in case, for whatever reason, he couldn’t read them, I explained the way the it worked…push the button by my name…I’ll buzz you in.  “Can’t you just come down and get it”?  Whatever.  So, I did.  I even tipped the guy.  Last night I ordered from the same place.  This time, the driver called (on my cell phone again)…”I’m around the corner from your building, can you meet me outside?”  WTF?!?!?!?  What’s next?  Pay a delivery fee (and a tip), and drive to the store to pick up my food?!?!?!  I’m done.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Screw up my order, fix it or lose my business.  Bad service, no tip.  Ignore me at the counter, I report you to the manager.  And when it happens, don’t look at me like I’m the bad guy.  Ahhhh…I’ll never do it.  I’m just having a bad day.

posted by Gonzo at 10:16 pm  

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