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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Sucked

C’mon, it did! For many peeps! I know we should all count our blessings, be thankful for what we have, help the needy, blah blah blah. But I’m glad this year is OVER! It can ONLY get better from here, right? Hopefully! I could give you a list of heartache I have endured recently. That would take too long and you wouldn’t beleive it all if I told you. So I’ll just say that there is no way 09 can suck as bad. It’s just NOT possible. I still have hope. I really shouldn’t, but I do dammit and I will not lose that ever. Here’s to a New Year better than this one! With every end comes a new begining…….. or something like that. And remember, the real meaning of the New Year is not about drinking but rather about the birth of the baby Jesus… wait, it IS about drinking. Sorry.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Hopes for the New Year

Happy Holidays workforce! And here’s to a most spectacular 2009! We deserve it! Here’s to a new President who can actually GET SOMETHING DONE. Hopes that the Saints make the play-offs. That the Mayor of Mandeville hires a driver for himself (that he pays for with his own money not with city money) To Mayor Sugar Ray maybe actually living here in New Orleans, someday possibly. To Crimestoppers for putting away the most criminals ever in 09. Saluting all the men and woman who serve this country and are returned home safely. And honoring the ones who can’t. Hoping every kid eats one hot healthy meal a day, every day. Hoping Jennifer Aniston gets married first. Britney moves back to Kentwood and opens a hair salon. Led Zeppelin finally realizes the stupid that is a reunion without Robert and shuts the eff up and just DOES ONE. (double da!) A work enviroment for all free of dooshbags and people dumber than us that make more money than us. Men realizing that there is more to a female than fake straight blonde hair and big fake boobs. An economy that flourishes and America becomes the big booming country it once was. With free Dr Peppers for everyone once year! Terrorists convert to being good guys and stop thier craziness and open the biggest printing plant in the world that makes ‘Mean People Suck’ bumper stickers in every language. That New Orleans realizes how awesome the Hornets are! That no crime ever occurs during Mardi Gras.  That all drivers use thier blinkers. And finally, a year of peace and change and chocolate for all. Happy New Year! And thanks for rockin The Bayou!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Awesome! You know I’m a yankee workforce and I looooved it! Mostly because I know it won’t last long! But it was nice wasn’t it? I made a little snowman in my courtyard this morning and my dog peed on it. Reminder to New Orleanians-stay away from the ywellow snow!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kat’s Holiday Shopping Guide

Ok, so everyone is getting….nothing for the Holidays this year! Cuz yall don’t have extra ching this year. In these hard times, it’s time we go back to basics and remember what the Holidays are REALLY about……BOOZE! kidding…we’ll get to the best Booze stores in a minute. Seriously, is ok to give your loved ones home made treats this year. It’s cost effective and fun to do. None of us are Martha Stewart but I think we can all handle baking Holiday Cookies and put em in those decorative holiday tins. After the cookies are gone, you can use the tin to hold your medicinals! Offer to babysit for one of your friends who have kids. That would be 50 percent of my friends so boom, my shipping is done. Cookies and taking care of someone else’s kids. For someone who lives outta town, sending any kind of New Orleans Fluer Di Lis picture, pendant, print etc is always good. Santa’s on a budget this year!

Here’s some holiday gift ideas I hope you enjoy-

New Orleans Harley Davidson Coffee Mug-only $5 to $10!

Phil’s Grill gift card-for the burger lovers!

Fountain Park Center Gift Card-it’s a new swanky oasis on the Westbank that has shopping, eating and spas. Check it out! I know, Westbank and swanky don’t normally go together but you really need to check this place out.

Martin Wine Cellar- ANYTHING! They have the best priced wine and gift baskets. May I suggest FRANZIA, the red stuff, in a box! $7! And it’s GOOD!

Dorignacs-Another good spot for booze and wine. And flowers and plants.

Best Buy- They really have the ‘best buys’, really! And the best selection! Big Chris on Vets in Metry will treat you good!

Rhiners Jewelers-On LaPalco on the Westbank. An unknown jewelery store that you need to get to know.

Rock Band or Guitar Hero-da! These games actually are fun for the whole family!! A bit pricey but think of them as a family investment.

At the Movies- it’s a new video game for XBox that actually puts you in scenes in movies! it’s way too effin cool!

Quiddler- It’s a scrabble like game but it’s a card game. Think of it like scrabble but using cards. Old School family fun! While playing you can eat yer home made cookies, enjoy some medicinals, drink the booze you got as presents and there ya go! A low cost night in over the holidays!

Happy Holidays Workforce! You deserve good ones this year!

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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Holidays in NOLA

It’s here! The time of the season to celebrate the holidays! We sure hope you can come to Harry and Judith’s Annual  “Holiday Sing Along”. That’s Harry Shearer-voice of ‘Mr Burns’ and many others on ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Derek Smalls’ in ‘Spinal Tap’. And his wife Judith. It isn’t lame caroling! It’s a rockin holiday event! This year at the CAC Center on December 20. Proceeds benefit the Tipitinas Foundation. (all info on our concert page) Come and rock the holidays with friend of the Bayou Harry Shearer!

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