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Monday, October 27, 2008

President of the United Bayou Workforce

VOTE EARLY!! VOTE OFTEN!! Rock n Roll polls are open NOW!!!! 2 candidates! Who’s it gonna be?? Only YOU decide!!! I’m big Dales’ running mate fyi! It’s time to put a VP chick in the ROCK house! vote now on our ‘President’ page!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

150K on Clothes??

That’s a lot of dresses from TJ Max yo! Sarah Palin was given a 150K clothing allowance for the campaign. So? Is that really that much money for the Republicans? That Obama sure dresses snappy. I wonder what his clothing allowance was?? Just because Sarah is a hot woman that dresses nice she gets the heat for this. I could spend 150k on clothes in less than 4 hrs easily. And I’d keep all of it and not donate them to anyone! Supposedly, Sarah and the Republican party are giving all the clothes she bought to charity when the campaign is over. She should at least be able to keep ONE of the suits or dresses, right? So she has it for prosperity. So she can remember the time when she was running for VP. And she can tell her kids and grandkids-“I was pretty smokin for a VP candidate!”

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Monday, October 20, 2008


Keepin it real workforce, I admit I went to New kids on the Block concert. My gal pals made me go! Ain’t gonna lie, I actually had a blast! I wore my Red Sox baseball cap for the boys, they’re from Boston. And I wore my ‘SAW 2’ t-shirt. Donnie Walberg was in that movie! I thought it was funny! Most of the chicks didn’t get it. I also got recognized in the bathroom from a workforce member. She was a little surprised I was there but was happy another rocker was having fun too! And, I knew every song and all the words???!!! back in the NKTOB heyday, I didn’t like them obviously. I was more your Cure, Clash, Cramps, Van Halen, Poison kinda 80’s gal. Although, I liked the way Madonna dressed back then. But the New Kids?? I thought they were dumb. And gay. I sorta thought Joey was cute. He was my fave back then and now. They played all the hits and poked fun at themselves. Every time they did the ‘Michael Jackson grab of the junk’ they would scream in agony and say how much that hurt! Looking in the audience, ALL chicks! And of course a sprinkling of the girls gay boyfriends. We relived our youth fo sho. We snuck in liters of wine and vodka in our bras. One of my friends teased her hair so big 80’s style she was able to hide her flask in it. If you are a single dude, you missed a huge opportunity to get some drunk lovin from 10 thousand chicks! You should have waited at the Arena Sat. night and watched all the ladies file out. Some crying, some hammered and almost all of them horny! Any smart single dude shoulda followed the crowd to the respective bars they ended up at!

Hope I didn’t lose my rock cred sharing this with you workforce. Music is music and a fun night out is a fun night out! Even if it was at a NKOTB show!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber

Yup, I think I’m in love. Joe the Plumber embodies everything that is American. He is you and I. He is all of us. He questioned Obama about his tax plan and McCain about his war. He questioned both about their health care plans. He asked a simple question and demanded an answer. Too bad there isn’t another debate before the election. Joe the Plumber woulda totally rocked as the moderator!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

A Quip from Kat

New Rule (that’s what my friend Bill Maher says) NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DRIVE DOWN BOURBON STREET! Unless you are delivering beer/food/general delivery like mail or UPS or FedEx etc. Or you are delivering a bus full of strippers  to get them to their places of work. Or if you are a cop or emergency worker. A cabbie is ok too. And motorcycles on certain days during certain hours. But no one, like you or me is allowed to drive down Bourbon anymore! Cuz guess what? Yer never going to find a  parking space! And no one cares about your nice car and your throbbing loud music coming out of the windows guido! Yer not impressing anyone! I suggest this new rule because a poor little gal was hit by a car yesterday infront of Razzoo on Bourbon. Guido in his Impala rammed into her. She was doing nothing but standing on the street with friends as we all do on Bourbon. She was out of the way and he still hit her cuz he is dumb. She looked like she’ll be ok but she definitely broke a bone or 2. Bourbon Street should be closed for vehicles (except those listed above) From Canal St to St Peter Street. (at that other end of the street ‘cruising’ should be allowed) The next time I see guido or eminem wanna be or professional athlete wanna be slamming down Bourbon St in his stupid car I’m going to throw something at him. Maybe just the straw from my drink or some beads or something. Nothing too violent as that isn’t how I roll. Just to scare them a little. Or, I’m going to stand infront of their car and walk really slow. If they beep, look out! I will open my katffood can of whooop ass on em! In reality, I’ll get outta the way and maybe flip them off. Repeat after me, YOU ARE A LOSER IF YOU DRIVE DOWN BOURBON STREET AND IF YOU DO CHANCES ARE YOU HAVE A SMALL MANHOOD.

Thanx for letting me vent. I needed to do that!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does either candidate ever really ‘win’ a debate?

Voters who have already made their minds up don’t really need these debates. That’s apprx 70% of the people who vote. The undecided, that would be about 30% of voters, don’t really make their mind up just because of these debates. They decide when they get into the voting booth! Last nights debate was slightly better than the usual debates as it was a ‘town hall’ setting. The questions came from us regular folk. There’s only 1 more debate until we, the people, decide who the next President will be. By the 3rd debate, maybe I’ll pay more attention. Until then I’m undecided til I get in that booth and ‘pull the trigger’. No matter what, the next 8 years can only be better, right?

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Monday, October 6, 2008

More Sarah……

Are we sick of the Sarah Palin craziness yet?? Sarah porno movies coming, posters, bobble heads, a shoe line, lunch boxes, Sarah guns and ski-dos. What’s left?? It’s what my Yai Yai used to say to me (that’s greek for maw maw fyi) She used to tell me “Katina, it’s not what you say, it’s HOW you say it”. This is the Sarah factor. I have no idea what she is talking about most of the time but she says it so well. With phrases like- “yes, you betcha” and “heck ya” It’s different sounding and not all same same politician speak. The best thing about Sarah Palin running for VP, she’s made Saturday Night Live funny again! And we all can enjoy that!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Joe and Sarah Show

The word for the drinking game during the VP debate should have been the word ‘maverick’.  Joe and Sarah both said that word, along with the moderator, a kazzillion times! Damn!! I should have made it so that whenever either one of them said that word, you had to drink. I drank anyways. My friend drank every time Sarah winked. He thought she was winking at him of course. Sad that these are the only things I will remember from that debate. And Sarah’s shoes. She always has good shoes. (see previous blog) I’m still undecided though as many Americans are. Maybe more drinking is needed.

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