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Monday, September 29, 2008


Gotcha! Made ya look! Ya, she’s hot. A VP Milf if you will! Good luck to her. I’m happy she has good shoes. Means a lot to me. The shoe is the foundation to the soul. Good shoes = good stuff. Bad shoes = I will not even have a conversation with you even if yer hot and have a lot of money or even if yer cool. (or think you are those things) Bad shoes, I walk away from you in my good shoes. With that thinking, perhaps Sara Palin will make a good VP. Hey, at least I weigh the important issues when it comes to voting. Does the candidate have good shoes?? Very important.

(posted by Kat)

posted by Kat at 4:32 pm  

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My 29th Bday-AGAIN! yer invited!

It’s that time of the year again workforce, for my ANNUAL 29th BIRTHDAY BASH! Happening Sunday September 28th at RAZZOO! (511 Bourbon St. in the FQ) 4pm, following the Saints home game. Another throw down to celebrate me being 29! AGAIN! It’s a New Orleans tradition! Hope yall can make it! No birthday spankings please, I’m still sore from last year!

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Evacuate INN

That’s gonna be the name of my new motel-EVACUATE-INN, very evacuation friendly. Free gas til it runs out, plenty of water and booze and free laundry facilities. Also, I’ll have a ‘musicians lodge’. A tavern with a stage so evacuated musicians can plug in and play. And a huge yard with kennels and pet baby sitters for your evacuated pets. A swimming pool too. 1 for pets, 1 for people. All rooms will have 2 bunk beds, 2 king size beds, and 2 pull out couches. Flat screens, porn and cable. Price for a night will be $69.00. (fema vouchers accepted) I don’t want to actually make a profit off of evacuated people. So any profit I make, I will then donate back to the effected area to help the recovery. I will have a safe broadcast facility for all my radio friends to work out of. TV peeps too. A small non-denomonational chapel on premise as well. I’ll also have a small landing strip for small planes and helicopters to land on if they have to. Maybe the president, Bobby J and Sugar Ray Nagin could put that to use. And the military, fema, red cross, etc. I would open a chain of EVACUATE-INN’s. A few on I-55 North, I-10 East and West, Shreveport, Memphis, Atlanta, the pan-handle and of course Baton Rouge. In the non-hurricane season, Evacuate-Inns will be normal motels. BUT, that is when I would maybe the jack the price of the room up to normal rates. I would have musicians perform at my Inns during the off season. Big names like Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar, Journey, Foo Fighters, Miley Cyrus etc. So peeps would still come during the non-hurricane seasons. Maybe some gambling on premise as well. And weddings and private partys. Who wouldn’t want to get married at an EVACUATE-INN????? Don’t even think about stealing this idea! I have already gone to my lawyer and am getting a patent or whatever so no one can steal this idea. My lawyer has many of my ideas on file. He says one of these days when one of them actually comes true, then thats when I pay him. The Evacuate-Inn’s will be such a success and they will have helped so many evacuees that I will be recognized by the White House. They will give me an award of some-sort. Maybe not the actual president. They will prob have the vice president give to me. Either that chick or Biden. When I accept the award, I will go to the podium and yell- “West bank forever-word!” make the rock face, race my fist in the air and scream some more. I call that ‘evacuettes syndrome’ (like tourettes syndrome, when you evacuate, you just want to scream random stupid stuff out loud for no reason) Now I just need a rich backer to do this. Sydney Torres, you reading this???

And fyi, I talked to god, Ike isn’t a threat to New Orleans. We’re good.

posted by Kat at 1:49 pm  

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