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Thursday, August 28, 2008



Please, pray, dance, chant, whatever you do to communicate with your higher power, (Bob Breck) do it and make GUSTOV GO AWAY! Think the worst, hope for the best. Be prepared, blah blah blah, right?? Am I the only one having Katrina flashbacks and anxiety?? To break it down, Bayou 95.7 with be with yall every step of the way. We will, at some point, switch over to sister station WWL for full-on Gustov coverage. We will be in that mode tfn. After it is appropriate to start rocking you out again, we will flip back to regular rock programming. Stay with us. We were here for you for Katrina and we ain’t goin’ anywhere now.

The Anniversary of Katrina is here, Remember the heros and those lost. And remember, we are still ONE New Orleans

posted by Kat at 9:48 am  

Friday, August 22, 2008



After another heartache, and I apologize for yall having to deal with my bad relationships all these years. I know it must be at a point where you may feel for me how the public feels for Jennifer Anniston. After the 50th heartache for Jennifer, you think-‘oh, poor Jennifer, nice girl’ But now it is turning to ‘what the hell is wrong with her?’ I have decided to abstain from not just sex, but a relationship all together for 12 months. Of course my friends say it can’t be done. They think I should shorten it to 6 months. Then another friend thinks 6 weeks. Another one 6 days and Mitch said 6 minutes. (toys and self love do not count) At any rate, I’m going to try. And really try to figure out WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME. Do you know? Geesh, I must sound like a crazy pathetic person. I admit perhaps some meds are in my future for this type of thing. Thankfully I have the Bayou and the Workforce to get me thru…AGAIN. Yall are my shrink. So, celibacy, here I come! Anyone wanna join me?

posted by Kat at 9:22 am  

Monday, August 18, 2008

Real life Auqua Man!


Congratz Michael Phelps! Bringin’ home the gold at the Summer Olympics 7 times! His ears act as an extra set of flippers. Way to go team USA!

posted by Kat at 8:31 am  

Monday, August 4, 2008

A 63 year old chick in a bikini!


Yep, she’s 63! That’s British Actress Helen Mirran. It’s ok to look! She’s all real! and 63 years old!! And looking hot in a bikini!

posted by Gonzo at 12:10 pm  

Friday, August 1, 2008

Holy Crap! One Year…THANK YOU!


It was one year ago today that I stepped off the train in New Orleans. While I knew this would be an adventure, I couldn’t even begin to understand how rewarding it would be. I’ve been doing this radio thing for a long time – 30 years, to be exact – and I’ve never felt so welcome, and at home as I have here in New Orleans. From Day One, you the Bayou listener, made me feel wanted – and I cannot find the words to tell you how grateful I am for that!

The vibe of this city is phenomenal! Sure, we have problems, and lots of work to do, but the culture and character – combined with the people – insure that our community will prevail. I’m proud to be a part of the unique fabric that IS New Orleans, and hope to celebrate many more anniversaries here.


I do have some individual kudos I want to send out. First, I’d like to thank Drunk Ass Boss & The Corporate Cutthroats for hiring me, and giving me the opportunity to be part of New Orleans. I’m also thankful to the staff here at Bayou 95.7 for being so supportive and friendly – we truly treat one another as family here! I;m grateful to those of you who listen and call/write – y’all make my day! And special thanks go out to two people who’ve really been my beacon of light: My buddy The Pizza Man in The Warehouse District, who patiently helped transform this Dumb Assed Yankee into a reasonable facsimle of a NOLA resident, and Kat, who has faithfully and diligently been in my corner since the day I arrived.

The biggest props go to you, Workforce! You’ve hung with me and let me into your world, have tolerated the stupid sh*t I say on the radio and have introduced yourselves to me via e-mail, stopping by our events and on the phone. THANK YOU!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a dinner to attend. Big steaks, cold beer and hot babes :-)! Don’t worry – Mama taught me well. I won’t get any on me!

Again, my most sincere thanks!

posted by Gonzo at 2:16 pm  

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