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Monday, June 30, 2008

Love that Wimbledon action!


This time of year is the best if you are a tennis fan. Wimbledon is happening! championships this weekend over the July 4th holiday. Go Nadal! He is from Spain. He is ranked #2 in the world. In my mind, he is my new bf. And I carry his lucky balls for him. And his racket! Stop being pervvy.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008



No, not me. Not yet anyways……look at Heather Locklear! 46 and way smokin!!!! Even more than she was on Melrose Place! She recently checked into a high class looney bin for depression.
Why is she depressed?????????????? this is making me more depressed. Guess being smokin hot and having all the money in the world and having a man who loves you just doesn’t cut it anymore. Where is the hope for a regular gal I ask!!!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hurray for the Gays!


Since I have been nursing a broken heart for these past 2 weeks, my awesome great gay bf’s took me out on the town this past weekend. My girlfriends have been great too! I’m lucky they all love me. But nothing beats hangin out with hot gay men. My first gay bf even came to the Voodoo game with me. He must love me as he knows nothing about afl football or sports of any kind only that he enjoys the tight uniforms and the use of the word ‘ball’ duing the annoucements. He sucked it up and came with me to cheer me up. My gay bf’s make a gal feel pretty, they dress you up and make you look hot, they dance with you, they pay attention to you, they give you affection, they buy your drinks all nite, they don’t let anyone be mean to you, and the best part, you don’t have to have sex with any of them! They’re better than a real bf come to think of it. Why am I sad again? Feeling better already thanx to the greatest gay bf’s in the world!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Does Anyone Remember Laughter?


George Carlin, the greatest comic ever has passed away. Truly is the day the laughter died. No one except maybe Lenny Bruce, is the genius that was George. If it wasn’t for him, no Richard Prior, Sienfeld, Chris Rock, Kathy Griffin, etc. And thanx to him, I have never (knock on wood) have said any of the 7 dirty words on the radio! And no, I can’t even list them here. You know what they are. How about if I just use the first letter of each of them-
He was more than just those 7 words though. You have to be pretty brilliant to be as great of a comic as he was. He insired all of us insecure, dorky, funny, self depricating radio dj’s. And he inspired us to to try and make laughter a pain killer.
Thanx George. And I hope right now you and jesus are saying those 7 words together. And jesus is laughing.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Cougers love Tigers!


Yay! An extra night of watching college boys in thier baseball uniforms! rained out last night. Play resumes tonight. Go LSU!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chuck and Larry


Imagine if eveyone in the world were allowed to eat apples. Except people who have orange eyes. If it were illegal to all people with orange eyes to eat apples. Kinda dumb huh? Everyone likes apples, and believes in apples and some may think eating an apple is right for them. So imagine if you really loved an apple but couldn’t legally eat in public. And it took years and years for orange eyed people to be able to do so in some states that have made it legal. If you had orange eyes and loved apples, wouldn’t you run out and eat one on the steps of city hall too?

Leave gay marriage alone. Let em get married! More love in the world! That’s a good thing, right? And soon, more money being put into the pockets of divorce lawyers.

posted by Gonzo at 9:08 am  

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maybe My Perfect Woman?

Mitch’s Perfect Woman?

She seems to REALLY like her beer, she’s pretty hot and she’s already (apparently) drunk. That’s MY kinda babe right there!

Alright, before anybody freaks out, the above paragraph is crude and shallow. If it offends you, go ahead and have another beer! 🙂

posted by Gonzo at 5:59 am  

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Celtics


My dad was at the game last night. He has had season tks since I was born. Huge fan. It’s in my blood. Am happy cuz he’s happy! They won the championship on June 17, and it was thier 17th championship!!!!! Us yankees do roundball right!

posted by Gonzo at 9:16 am  

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Couger Loves a Tiger!


Way to go LSU Tigers! Still alive in the College World Series! Another elimination game this Thurs nite. Schwing batter batter batter….oops, I mean SWING batter batter! 

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love Stinks


I lied to you workforce. I’m sorry. I told you I was taking allergy medicine and it is making me loopy. And it was making me spacey and making my voice crack and making me sound stuffed up. And the reason I sound so bummed out and sad is becuz I have some new allergy and the meds are making me weepy and lethargic. All lies. The truth is, that’s my heart above. It broke. (actually, someone ripped it out of my chest cavity and threw it on the I-10 where it was run over and smashed into tiny little peices, that’s what it feels like anyways) And although I would very much like to numb the pain, I won’t. I’m not ‘on’ anything. Just sadness. I wonder if when I’m out in public, can people tell my heart is broke? is it noticable? It would be nice if a stranger came up to me and said-“you look sad, it’ll be ok”. Actually, if that did really happen, I’d prob tell that person to eff off cuz god forbid strangers are nice to eachother. Anyway, I degress…….

Bare with me. I’ll snap out of it. Maybe. I dunno. Not gonna lie. This really effin sucks. Thankfully I have yall to make me smile everyday on the airwaves.

And I hope he has a really bad disease in his middle parts….just kidding….not really…….

posted by Gonzo at 9:18 am  
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