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Friday, May 30, 2008

Samantha Jones vs Indiana Jones


Indiana OLD as I like to say! The Sex in the City movie finally opens today! If you are wondering where every female on the planet is tonight, they are at this movie! Drinking cosmos and discussing Carrie and Big and what character they are. I am SAMANTHA of course! I feel bad for any other movie opening tonite. It’ll bomb. Indiana Old movie has been out for a week and this weekend I’m sure sales will drop. So dudes, it’s a nite off from yer chick! Enjoy it! And lets hope we ALL get sex in the city tonite!

posted by Gonzo at 9:06 am  

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sad news


Miss Betsy has passed away.  (see previous Betsy blog) She was 72 years old. All of us here at Bayou 95.7 have her freinds and family in our prayers and thoughts at this time.

I am replused, angered, sad, completely pissed off. Why would a person do this to another human being???????!!! WHY???!!! I am so damn SICK AND TIRED of violence and crime in this city. We used to be a GREAT city but something like this happening crushes all of us. And what can we do? Keep praying? Don’t yall get a little annoyed at all of this? Or are we all de-sensitized to it? I do not want to become a bitter angry person who is afraid to leave thier house.  But I will say this to who ever did this to Miss Betsy, I hope they find you. I hope the cops ‘accidentally’ beat you with a crow bar. I hope your drug withdrawls are so bad and intense your head explodes. (how bad and judgementall of me to assume this person is on drugs) I hope while in prison, inmate BUBBA shoves a crow bar up your **s. I hope when you meet your maker, he puts you in a room in heaven, (I actually don’t believe in hell, even for the person who did this) the ‘bad’ room in heaven where loser, bad, evil people like you are and you stay there being made to look at pictures of Miss Betsy and her family for many many years. Also, there is crow bar in the corner. Ready at anytime to beat you down. Then, after maybe just maybe you have repented, your maker and Miss Betsy forgive you. Until then, I hope you suffer. Suffer like no other person on earth has ever suffered.

Ok, I think I’m gonna lose it today over this. I am crying now. Thanx, for letting me vent. And lets all try and keep happy thoughts with us.

posted by Gonzo at 10:25 am  

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beauty and the Beast


If you looked like him, would you have a right to cheat on HER??????? 

Highly respected rock producer Mutt Lang and hot country artist Shania Twain have split after 14 years of marriage. That’s a lot of years to wake up to Mutt’s face! I’m just sayin….

Mutt is a very talented record producer. He has worked with ACDC, Def Leppard, The Cars, Bryan Adams and Shania herself just to name a few. The story is that HE cheated on HER???!!!! (key word/nickname-MUTT) Normal woman have it bad enough worrying about thier man having a roving eye! But how could this happen to someone as hot as Shania!!! Is there no hope??!!!

posted by Gonzo at 12:16 pm  

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Say a prayer for Betsy


WTF????!!!??? Who would beat up an elderly woman???!!! WHY????!!!!! What did Betsy do to anyone except make the best damn pancakes for decades? She fed the first responders and the president after Katrina for keerists sake!! Although I do believe in the right to bear arms, I never thought I would want to keep a loaded gun in my house. Now I think we all should. Keep Betsy and her family in your prayers.

posted by Gonzo at 9:40 am  

Friday, May 23, 2008

VP Bobby J!


Bobby J and big John (McCain) are meeting this weekend to chill and hang out and see if they dig each other. Big John is considering Bobby J for his VP running mate. That’s good news! Bobby J would make sure New Orleans is never ignored again! The bad news is you would have to vote for McCain……

posted by Gonzo at 9:51 am  

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Don’t ya just love the Kennedy’s?


No matter your political preference, ya gotta love the Kennedy’s.  Camelot for keeerist’s sake!!! Now the last of the Kennedy party boys is very ill. Ted. I’ll pray for him. What other Kennedy can we make drinking jokes about??? Sometimes I pretend that I have been invited to thier summer home on the ocean. We play touch football on the front lawn. I then use the bathroom where there are real wooden coins in a dish displyed!! Real ones! I pick one up and ooops, drop it in the toilet. Then I go do shots of irish whisky with Ted.

“Kat Kennedy” always thought that sounded good.

posted by Gonzo at 11:29 am  

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We’re still proud!


That’s Sean P, coach of our Saints at the Hornets game last night. He’s proud of em too! He’s prob thinking-gee, I know what it’s like to get Sooooo close…..

Our boys have every reason to hold thier heads high and be proud! We’re sure proud of em! They did an incredible job for being a ‘new ‘ team. Thier time WILL come! WAY TO GO HORNETS!!!

Let’s move on…….I really hate myself for thinking this and wanting this BUT, I hope the Spurs DESTROY the Lakers!!! (see yesterday’s blog) Then it will be my Celtics and the Spurs in the Championship is my prediction. GO CELTICS! Will you join me in hating the Lakers???

I still think Tony Parker is a WHINER though!

posted by Gonzo at 9:18 am  

Monday, May 19, 2008

I hate the Lakers……


Ok, I know game 7 against the Spurs is tonite, I know I shouldn’t jump ahead here but I am already thinking about the series with the dreaded Lakers! Being from Boston and growing up there, we were taught in the womb to HATE THE LAKERS. I believe that was the first sentance I ever spoke! Look at CP’s face, you can just tell he is thinking the same thing! He HATES THE LAKERS! One game at a time, I know, GO HORNETS!!!! BRING IT!!!!!

jumping way ahead- HORNETS-CELTICS for the championship!!!! OY! what will I ever do if that happens??? Eat Lobsta AND Crawfish? Gumbo AND Clam Chowda? Wear celtic green AND Hornets Teal??…..I need a drink……

posted by Gonzo at 10:29 am  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Hornets fan ever!!


Ha Ha Ha!! Take THAT Tony you whipped wussy! GO HORNETS!! let’s get this over with tonight and move on to the next series!

posted by Gonzo at 11:42 am  

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yes, arrest him!!!

This dude recently got ticketed, not arrested, in Florida for wearing a speedo! AS IT SHOULD BE!!!! Not sure what is scarier, the mullet or the speedo! Together, HORRIFIC!!!

posted by Gonzo at 11:19 am  
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