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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can we go back to being called the JAZZ?

Way to go Hornets!! That’s my sorta relative Peja. The 3 Point master on the New Orleans Hornets! He is married to a greek model. I am greek too. (not a model) I’m sure his wife and I are somehow related as all greeks are. Hornets are 2nd round bound! This Saturday night against the wussy Spurs at home in the Hive.
Although HIVE, THE BUZZ, HONEY BEE’S, HUGO, etc. are all cute names when talking about our bball team, don’t you miss the name NEW ORLEANS JAZZ? Doesn’t that fit better?
Utah….Jazz? huh? There is no Jazz in Utah! There is no alcohol in Utah!! Can’t the NBA just switch names back? I’m just sayin…….

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are they dating?

This looks to me like midlife man with his young gf. OOOoooops! That’s Miley and her Dad Billy Ray! This pic is more creepy and disturbing than the half naked pic of Miley. (see Vanity Fair June issue)
They should have known better. PLEASE don’t go down that slutty road Miley! You are the best young-gal celeb the kids have had in a very long time!
We forgive you this one time.

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Monday, April 28, 2008


Pic of me gettin my Miller Tent on before the down pours!
Rain didn’t keep us away from the Fest this weekend! Hello! KATRINA! the rain this weekend was NUTHIN!
Already planning my meals for 2nd weekend of the fest and deciding what poncho to wear incase of rain again. Since white seemed to be the color to wear this weekend, there where lots of see-thru-shirt action. many Fest goers were happy about that.
Robert Plant ROCKED IT! Along with Cowboy Mouth and Billy Joel gettin his piano on in the rain!
2nd weekend look for Santana and the Neville Bros bringing it home.
And more rain more than likely! SO WHAT! get wet and groove!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

This Could Cause Severe Depression For Us Men

Lindsay Lohan warned Ashley Olsen to “get away” from her “girlfriend” — celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson — on Friday night, the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column reported.

Lyndsay LohanFirst my crush on Joan Jett is crushed, now this. Dammit, what’s a fella to do?

OK, not like I personally ever had a chance of a horizontal – or even vertical encounter – with Lindsay, but this could cause a serious disruption of any man’s fantasy life (or, could theoretically enhance it, should the proper visual confirmations make their way onto the interweb).

There’s something more important to news like this: there’s more important, actual, news. The economy, the presidential campaign, the war. A media blitz of every aspect of these chick’s (Lohan, Hilton, Spears, etc., et al) lives is fluff. In the big scheme of things it DOESN’T EFFING MATTER! Still these types of stories seem to rise to the top, and undermine the stuff we should really be concerned with.

That said, I’m not at all opposed to seeing the “intimate” pictorial evidence of Ms. Lohan’s conversion. 🙂

posted by Gonzo at 2:13 pm  

Thursday, April 24, 2008

JAZZ FEST 08! stay with the group…….

festcrowd.jpgIt is always a good idea to have a plan with pals while at Jazzfest. The heat, the Miller Lite, the over-doing-it-with-the great-food can make you wacky! Not to mention getting caught up in the vibe of the music and all of a sudden realizing you have twirled your way so far away from your grpup of pals you are now in the middle of the crowd with some outta towners. Being the local, of course you will be welcoming to these tourists! Show em some dance moves!  So please make sure if you lose your krewe at anytime, best place to rendevous is in the MILLER LITE VIP TENT!  Texting and cell phones tend to not work at the Fest either. Also, it’s JAZZFEST! Get the eff off yer cell phone and RELAX! Groove, be happy, eat and ENJOY IT!

Happy Festing!

posted by Gonzo at 9:12 am  

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NOT JazzFest attire…….


Hopefully it is 100% cotten! Maybe if you cut the sleeves off, put some fray at the bottom of the skirt area, tye-dye it and throw in some bangels and bells (bra optional) then maybe……as is, not so much. And I don’t think these people are heading off to the Fest this year. Even though they would be welcomed! I wonder if they know how to dance and groove Jazzfest style???? anyway…..


Inbetween Miller Lites, make sure you DRINK WATER, EAT FOOD, STAY WITH THE GROUP! SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN SUNSCREEN! Especially in the middle-part region. This is the one and only time ever in which shoes should be FUNCTIONAL and NOT for fashion! JazzFest feet suck! You will need a massive pedi come 2nd week of May! (men and woman) And PLEASE, don’t ‘unload’ in a porta-potty! Dude, this means YOU! (chicks don’t do that)

More tips coming this week!

posted by Gonzo at 9:49 am  

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ya He Did…..


oh ya, that is definitly THE MIDDLE FINGER to Ms Hilary in a recent debate. Can you blame him? Oldest trick in the book! Good to know politicians are still using it!

posted by Gonzo at 11:29 am  

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Orleans Loves Rush!

rushkid-11.jpgThat’s Peyton in the middle between Alex and Geddy. He is the coolest young dude ever! Alex and Geddy loved him too! He is already a great guitarists and the band gave him a Rush guitar pick! Peyton was one of our winners to meet the band last night before the show. And Rush ROCKED IT! Best concert I have been to in a very long time!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Knife in the Noggin


Remember when kids just threw rocks at each other???

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

In My Next Life I Want To Be A Dog

Dogs have it made!Sure, opposable thumbs are cool, but with them comes a crapload of responsibility, and I could do without that – even for just a little while. If you really stop and think about it dogs have it made. Seriously! Let’s look at the facts…

Their job is to sleep, they are fed by their humans, they can…uh, “go” wherever – no need for a toilet, they don’t pay bills or taxes…the list goes on. As if that weren’t enough, imagine walkin’ up to some fine chick on the street, and jumping her on the spot. For humans, that’s rape; for dogs that’s casual sex (the only downside here is if a human turns the hose on you, but having been human in this life, I’d look at it as sex in the shower when I’m a dog).

The one thing that really screw up being a dog is the human(s) you get stuck with. Let’s face it, if I’m pooch I’m hoping for Paris Hilton over Michael Vick. Still, a dog’s life is something I think would be cool. How about you?

posted by Gonzo at 2:19 pm  
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