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Party With No Lights On

September 4th, 2008

Without electricity, there wasn’t much to do while evacuated for Gustav in Baton Rouge, so we improvised. Here was a fun game we played: try to identify where one Governor Jindal sentence ends and the next one begins. That was a hard one. He never takes a breath. One time I was sure he set a world record by uttering a 30 minute sentence. Now that’s a talent.

Another game was to try and identify the most controversial thing Mayor Nagin would say in each press conference. I wasn’t very good at this one. I was sure he’d catch hell for the whole “900 mile footprint” line, but no, he got it for the “mother of all storms” routine. Then he made it worse by saying his only regret was saying “mother” of all storms instead of “mother in law” or “ugly sister.” That seemed unnecessary. I mean why’d the sister have to be ugly?

We played lots of stupid games to pass the time. I wonder if that’s what they did every day back before electricity.

Where is my power?

September 4th, 2008

It feels like everyone else has electricity. And, frankly, I feel like you are rubbing it in to those of us who don’t have power. Oh wow! Look how great your hair looks! Stop it! You owe it to those of us without the use of a flat-iron and blow dryer to ugly yourself up a little.

Today I came to work (looking awesome) and our electric gate opened after I swiped my card on the electric pad then I took the electric elevators down…uuughh! You see what I mean? Everything’s all fancy and electric except for anything in my house!

Now I realize the only people reading this would have electricity…or a job where you’re not required to do much (like mine) so you probably don’t get what I mean do you? Or I guess you’re just busy running all of your appliances at once aren’t you? -Annette

Katrina – Gustav WTF???

August 29th, 2008

This is usually the day when I remember the things that went on with me August 29th 2005, but because of current circumstances, I have also have to look ahead. 

A look back:

My grandmother had cancer at the time so she couldn’t leave.  Because she was ill the traffic leaving was too much, so she decided to stay in the Hyatt.  Our building where we had to evacuate to was connected to the Hyatt, so I was close by.  I got her all packed up and we left the house.  When we arrived to the parking lot everything was closed.  I had to drop her off so she wouldn’t have to walk far in the heat and park.  I left the parking lot with all my cats and bags to bring them to my building then had to walk back and check my grandmother into her room. 

There were so many people in that lobby.  I’m sure they all thought they’d be safe.  After checking her in and getting settled in our office I called her often.  Later on that night she told me they had to all go down to the ballroom to sleep because that was the emergency procedure.  Stevie and I got some things together for her and found her a spot against a wall in the ballroom.  There were other elderly people and women who had just had babies all in the Mardi Gras ballroom.  There were dogs everywhere. I was so scared for my grandma.

I think about that all the time when I remember her.  She passed away last year and my most cherished memories are of Katrina.  I really felt like I showed her how much I appreciated everything she did for me.  She spent 25 years saving me, and I got to be her hero for a few days. 

A look ahead:

This year we’re not staying.  We’ve got the baby and we’re going to go with our family. We’re packing up all the cats, the dog ,the baby and we’re leaving.  Everyone wants to know how I can do this so much.  I just tell them I’m from New Orleans baby, this stuff is in my blood.


Is the Northshore far enough?

August 28th, 2008

My evacuation options are:
1) Don’t leave – stay and work. But really. How badly do you need to hear NeYo during a storm?
2) My mom’s in San Antonio, but that seems kinda too far, right?
3) My husband’s uncle’s house in Covington.

Is the Northshore far enough? Don’t those trees fall like pencils or something? His family is staying there and they have one of those big generators…so it will have AC!! It would be tough to stay a few days with in-laws with no AC, so that’s a big deal.
But they’re talking about possible mandatory evacuations of all of St Tammany…so is it far enough?   Stay safe!!!!!  -Annette


August 27th, 2008

I know, I know. That looks pretty bad. So it’s always good to be prepared to evacuate just in case. But what’s the good news? Nobody’s talking about that. Well I’ll tell ya then! Has a hurricane EVER hit right in the middle of that cone? I mean when it’s this far away? Come on, that never happens! We weren’t in the middle of the cone for Katrina until it was REALLY close.

So the way I see it, the middle of the cone is the best place to be at this point. Of course, there’s a first time for everything so… No, I said I was going to be positive and I’m gonna. This thing isn’t coming here! But just in case be ready and all. But it’s not coming. No way. Right?

Kim Kardashian has cute feet

August 26th, 2008

This must be what Reggie Bush sees in her. Yeah. For sure not that butt thing, right? But for realz…she has nice feet, huh? Now granted I’ve never seen my feet in a pair of Louboutin’s, so maybe mine would look hot too.  Anyway…my new thing is when I think something nice…I should say it. Right?

So here are a couple pics of Kim’s feet after her disgusting injury.  –Annette

The Cure For Olympic Fever

August 22nd, 2008

Now that the Olympics are almost over, I can see why they only do it once every 4 years. These sports are only fun in small doses. Sure I enjoyed watching to see if Shawn Johnson could finally win gold on the balance beam, Michael Phelps could swim to his 8th gold medal, and Usain Bolt could run faster than many senior citizens can drive, but now I’ve had enough.

I’ve had my gymnastics, swimming, track and field, and every other obscure sport quota for at least the next 4 years. I don’t need to see the national ping pong (sorry, table tennis) tournament or Italian league volleyball or the world fencing match. I’m good. And 4 years from now I’ll be just about ready for another dose…

Jessica Simpsons beer ad

August 21st, 2008

I thought it was a joke when I first saw this. I mean really. Be SMART? I thought it was someone’s idea of being clever because we all know Jessica’s not really known for being smart. I love her and all, but you know what I mean. Anywhoo…here’s the ad for the new beer that Jess is promoting and owns part of.

I do respect that we all know from watching her show that she for sure likes to drink beer, so that part’s legit. And I love celebritites so I’m gonna drink it. I’ll make my mom fly me some in from Texas if I have to.  🙂   -Annette 

What’s Wrong With Me???

August 20th, 2008

worm.jpgHave you ever had a moment where you felt absolutely insane? I had one of those today.

When I was a little girl I hated when people killed little harmless insects. Crickets, ants, and fireflies were in that category. I also hated when worms would die on the pavement in the sun. If they were still alive I would pick them up and put them in the shade in the dirt hoping they would make it.

Well, I still lament over those worms. This morning I was struck with a moral dilemma. I was late for work but a little worm was squirming on the hot pavement. Do I jump in the car and get to work semi-on time, or do I save the worm and be late for work?

I jumped in the car and came to work. I was so upset the whole ride. Why? It’s just a worm. What’s wrong with me?

Btw…I haven’t completely lost it.  I still know roaches are Satan’s minions.


Britneys off the sugar

August 20th, 2008

Chester Cheetah and the Starbuck’s people are in mourning.

 Here’s Britney’s new OK Magazine cover. She looks fab! Now I’m gonna go suck down whatever’s in our vending machine. What? Someone’s gotta make up for her.  -Annette

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