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Where is my power?

September 4th, 2008

It feels like everyone else has electricity. And, frankly, I feel like you are rubbing it in to those of us who don’t have power. Oh wow! Look how great your hair looks! Stop it! You owe it to those of us without the use of a flat-iron and blow dryer to ugly yourself up […]

Is the Northshore far enough?

August 28th, 2008

My evacuation options are: 1) Don’t leave – stay and work. But really. How badly do you need to hear NeYo during a storm? 2) My mom’s in San Antonio, but that seems kinda too far, right? 3) My husband’s uncle’s house in Covington. Is the Northshore far enough? Don’t those trees fall like pencils […]

Kim Kardashian has cute feet

August 26th, 2008

This must be what Reggie Bush sees in her. Yeah. For sure not that butt thing, right? But for realz…she has nice feet, huh? Now granted I’ve never seen my feet in a pair of Louboutin’s, so maybe mine would look hot too.  Anyway…my new thing is when I think something nice…I should say it. […]

Jessica Simpsons beer ad

August 21st, 2008

I thought it was a joke when I first saw this. I mean really. Be SMART? I thought it was someone’s idea of being clever because we all know Jessica’s not really known for being smart. I love her and all, but you know what I mean. Anywhoo…here’s the ad for the new beer that […]

Britneys off the sugar

August 20th, 2008

Chester Cheetah and the Starbuck’s people are in mourning.  Here’s Britney’s new OK Magazine cover. She looks fab! Now I’m gonna go suck down whatever’s in our vending machine. What? Someone’s gotta make up for her.  -Annette

celebrity feet never hurt???

August 18th, 2008

This is what Lauren wears to walk the dog? This is what Paris wears for a little bike ride? I’m in Roxy flip-flops right this minute and I’m at work.  -Annette

Good for them! The only thing I don’t like is I wish I looked as pretty as Portia in my wedding dress. Heck, I wish I looked as good as Ellen… Here’s their leaked wedding pic Congrats to the newlyweds!  -Annette

Jen Anistons real new man

August 15th, 2008

Yay! Romantic dinner with a new hot guy! Suck on that, John Mayer! Okay…I don’t know anything about the guy yet, but we’re on it!  Our own Perez Hilton broke the story today, so we’ll keep ya posted when we know more. (Team Jen – not John…are we doing teams for this one?)  -Annette

After word broke that Jennifer and John Mayer had broken up (which I still choose not to believe because I just want her to be happy)… reports followed right away that Jen was already dating some new guy. The guy is a male model named Matt Felker, but get this – HE SPREAD THOSE RUMORS […]

Britneys kids in Pimp Suits

August 13th, 2008

I know I should just be happy the kids aren’t dirty or being removed by CPS, but these suits are killing me.   I am first in line to get this magazine. And by first in line, I mean whenever I happen to see it in a store. I’m not really going out of my way […]

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