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The Post Marriage Date

November 3rd, 2008

Tomorrow is my second wedding anniversary and you know what that means! Time to take the wife on a date! That makes this the perfect time to reflect on the differences between the two types of dates: the pre and the post married ones. If you’re not married yet, don’t worry! It gets easier, trust me.

Here’s how it breaks down: Before you’re married dates are full of pressure. You need to bring your A game, say all the right things, impress the parents, and all that stuff. You take her to dinner which you can’t enjoy because you’re too busy trying to be interesting and then you go to a movie which you can’t follow because you’re not sure where to put your hands. Then at the end there’s that awkward “Do I or don’t I kiss her and if I do how do I make my move and what if she turns her face and I land on her ear” moment.

Pre marriage dates are all about leaving a good impression. But once you’re married, the first, second, and third impressions have already been made! So you can relax, loosen your belt a little, enjoy dinner and a movie, and beyond remembering the important things she says there’s not much you have to do. Sure, a poorly timed gas expulsion could land you on the couch for a night, but since that first impression has already been made, it doesn’t mean she’ll forever think you’re a dork, and that makes all the difference!

So take it from me single guys, don’t despair if your dating track record is less than perfect. Keep in mind all the post marriage dates you have in your future! Now all you have to do is find somebody to marry.

One Response to “The Post Marriage Date”

  1. Giejie

    Dude you know you and your wife wrote the exact same thing. Either y’all are connected mentally on the same mental wave length or you cheated and let TPot write your blog. If its the latter… Shame Stevie shame.

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