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Poor Drew Brees. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and he’s stuck with us. Being a lifelong New Orleanian and knowing what’s coming if he stays with the team, I’m almost ready to say “Go Drew! Save yourself! It’s too late for us! But you still have a chance at a career! Run Drew Run!”

Is that wrong for me to say? I feel like our bunch of lovable losers (love ya Reggie!) is doomed to blow it week in and week out, but Drew actually has a shot at a Super Bowl ring with the right team. Remember Rickey Jackson? He left the Saints for a year to win a Super Bowl with the 49ers, then he signed a one day contract so he could still retire as a Saint. We didn’t blame him for that! Even though he knew his only chance at a ring was with another team, we still loved us some Rickey back then!

So all I’m saying, Drew, is we’re really appreciative of all the complete passes you’ve given us and we won’t be mad at you if you leave us in a bout of frustration. Just remember in a couple of years when you’re hoisting that giant trophy above your head in celebration, think about us poor Saints fans one more time.

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  1. Lindsay

    I think Saints needs help BIG TIME WAY [PLAY Sunday’.

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