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October 16th, 2008

Sunday I was at my mom’s house playing with Natty and my nephew when I realized something was off.  My underwear kept falling for strange reason.  I didn’t think I lost weight.  I don’t own a scale because I refuse to put myself through that.  I would pull them up and a few minutes later, they’d start creeping right back down.

Then today, as I was walking to work, I noticed my underwear were creeping down again.  Totally different pair of undies but same issue.  Am I losing weight and I don’t know it?  I haven’t changed my eating habits so I should be the same.  I need to get to the bottom of this…or at least get some new undies.

One Response to “GGGGRRRRR!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Jason

    it was stevie pulling them down

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