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September 30th, 2008

A lot of people are talking about the economy right now and how it’s totally crappy and that’s gotta suck for anybody who, ya know, has money. The government is talking about an emergency bill that will bail out all the financial institutions blah blah blah… It’s boring and they tell us it needs to be done so most people just trust them and go about their business.

But have you looked at what they actually want to do? They want to give money to these huge companies who have been losing money due to really greedy and risky dealings because if they go under apparently we go under too. But if I bought a house that got foreclosed because I couldn’t pay and now the government has paid the loaner for my house, don’t they have the money AND the house now? We’re getting screwed in this deal, people, because our tax money is going to pay our debts without us actually getting credit for paying. We still owe or have bad credit scores or lost our house or whatever, and they got out of it because they’re just too big and rich to have to pay for their mistakes.

Well that’s outrageous.

I understand the need to fix the situation before it ruins our economy and causes everyone to suffer. But there are ways to do it that don’t simply involve bailing out the guilty. We need to demand that the people who mismanaged their companies into ruin lose there jobs just like any small business owner would if he or she did the same. We need to demand that any of our tax money that goes to fix this mess actually helps us too.  We need to demand that the government makes rules so that greedy businessmen can’t get rich by making a mess that threatens OUR wellbeing. Is that too much to ask?

One Response to “Bailout!!!”

  1. Raechel

    Thanks for breaking it down, Stevie. Things are so screwed up right now, its hard for my 25 year old, full time working, full time mommying brain to find time to decipher whats real and what different media avenues are trying to make people believe… its rare to hear facts. Damn bill passed too….

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