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Katrina – Gustav WTF???

August 29th, 2008

This is usually the day when I remember the things that went on with me August 29th 2005, but because of current circumstances, I have also have to look ahead. 

A look back:

My grandmother had cancer at the time so she couldn’t leave.  Because she was ill the traffic leaving was too much, so she decided to stay in the Hyatt.  Our building where we had to evacuate to was connected to the Hyatt, so I was close by.  I got her all packed up and we left the house.  When we arrived to the parking lot everything was closed.  I had to drop her off so she wouldn’t have to walk far in the heat and park.  I left the parking lot with all my cats and bags to bring them to my building then had to walk back and check my grandmother into her room. 

There were so many people in that lobby.  I’m sure they all thought they’d be safe.  After checking her in and getting settled in our office I called her often.  Later on that night she told me they had to all go down to the ballroom to sleep because that was the emergency procedure.  Stevie and I got some things together for her and found her a spot against a wall in the ballroom.  There were other elderly people and women who had just had babies all in the Mardi Gras ballroom.  There were dogs everywhere. I was so scared for my grandma.

I think about that all the time when I remember her.  She passed away last year and my most cherished memories are of Katrina.  I really felt like I showed her how much I appreciated everything she did for me.  She spent 25 years saving me, and I got to be her hero for a few days. 

A look ahead:

This year we’re not staying.  We’ve got the baby and we’re going to go with our family. We’re packing up all the cats, the dog ,the baby and we’re leaving.  Everyone wants to know how I can do this so much.  I just tell them I’m from New Orleans baby, this stuff is in my blood.


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  1. Lindsay

    I sorry about you loss of GRANDMOTHER!!!!Good luck in BIG STORM I LEAVING 2 !!!!!!!!

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