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What’s Wrong With Me???

August 20th, 2008

worm.jpgHave you ever had a moment where you felt absolutely insane? I had one of those today.

When I was a little girl I hated when people killed little harmless insects. Crickets, ants, and fireflies were in that category. I also hated when worms would die on the pavement in the sun. If they were still alive I would pick them up and put them in the shade in the dirt hoping they would make it.

Well, I still lament over those worms. This morning I was struck with a moral dilemma. I was late for work but a little worm was squirming on the hot pavement. Do I jump in the car and get to work semi-on time, or do I save the worm and be late for work?

I jumped in the car and came to work. I was so upset the whole ride. Why? It’s just a worm. What’s wrong with me?

Btw…I haven’t completely lost it.  I still know roaches are Satan’s minions.


One Response to “What’s Wrong With Me???”

  1. Lauren

    I always still put the worms in the dirt and watch them squiggle around and I think I saved them but who knows haha.

    I’m like that though, except I usually stop and pick up the worm because I feel bad for them. Shouldn’t there be some worm out there making signs for other worms saying, “Don’t cross the sidewalk when it’s 90 degrees or higher!” I mean seriously.

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