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Hey, did anybody watch the season premiere of “The Hills” last night? It’s hard to believe we’re already on Season 4! The first 3 seasons flew by so fast! I wish I could say the same about each individual episode, which for me is as hard to watch as my grandmother giving a lapdance.

I know, I know, then why do you watch it Stevie? First, my wife watches it, and if I want her to watch cage fighting matches with me, then I have to watch that with her. Plus, since many of our listeners watch the show I feel a certain responsibility to at least keep up.

So back to the Season 4 premiere. Here’s the recap: Spencer doesn’t want Heidi’s sister to move in with them and Lo skips Audrina’s party so they decide they can’t be friends. Poor Lauren.

What’s that? You want the full recap and not the abridged version? Uhhhhh, that WAS the full recap. That’s ALL that happened! In 36 minutes! (minus the 8 minute commercial break) The abridged version goes something like this: Spencer’s a dick and Lo is LC’s only best friend.

Let’s leave out the fact that 99% of the world would give a lung and a kidney to have those be their only problems. Let’s also leave out the fact that no one in their right mind could ever possibly like any of these people. Let’s just focus on the fact that all they ever do on this show is TALK!!!!

They never do anything! They just talk! Even when they do do something they’re talking about something else they did. Then after that they go home and talk about what they just did! Seriously, the show isn’t the show. The show is actually the recap of everything that happened that you didn’t see. They COULD stop wasting our time and just show us the action along with some thought bubbles so we know what these zombie faces are feeling and we’d be done with it in 5 minutes! But then where would they put that long ass commercial break?

One Response to ““The Hills” is Back. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Lindsay

    I love THE Hills!!!!!!!

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