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Who is to blame?

July 23rd, 2008

crime_scene.jpgI am so sick of all the crime in this city. What needs to be done? Everyday another person gets killed or murdered. The sad part is, so many people are too busy pointing fingers to solve the problem.

The police say the fault lies with the people who don’t report the crimes. Some say it’s the school system’s fault. Others say it’s the government. Who is to blame?

Whoever is at fault this shit needs to be fixed fast. I love my city but don’t want to die because I live here.


One Response to “Who is to blame?”

  1. Kimberly

    I totally agree with you. All this killing does need to stop!!!! But if I had to put the blame on someone…I would put it on the police department. Only because it is so apparent that these people have no respect for the law and feel that they can do whatever…whenever. If the police would do their job and not wait on people to point someone out, maybe some of these cases can get solved.

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