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Ooh, McCain Went There…

July 31st, 2008

John McCain must think we’re all idiots. If you haven’t seen the commercial he “approved” comparing Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, you can check it out on the Swirl page. First of all, how petty is it to call your opponent stupid (especially when he graduated at the top of his class […]

How much celeb info is too much? Do we need to know the due dates of the baby? My vote is yes on that…but I think the celebs should want to tell us. Your friends tell you, right? So why are celebrities so weird about keeping that private? Don’t they feel like we’re friends? I […]

LC hooks up with My Boy

July 30th, 2008

So our boy Perez spotted Lauren Conrad partying at Key Club in West Hollywood this week with this guy. Recognize him? Yeah, he’s that guy from “My Boys” on TBS. So couple things… Are they filming The Hills right now? Any chance he’s just trying to get some camera time? The Hills is more popular […]

Earthquake shakes Hollywood

July 30th, 2008

Have you seen the videos from some of the shows that were taping yesterday during the Cali earthquake? First…Judge Judy was out that beeyatch! And then Big Brother thinks earthquakes are totally cool!!! 🙂 -Annette

So have you seen those recent photos of Madonna looking a little… uh… how do you say… cheek implanted and lip injected? So maybe she just had oral surgery and was sucking on a lemon or something, but word on the streets (which is of course, where I hang) says it’s a little Dr Rey […]

My Daughter in a Hat

July 28th, 2008

 Yep, there she is with my sister. She’s so cute she even has dimples on her elbows!

Britney’s Bikini Bod

July 28th, 2008

So Britney’s on vacay in Mexico with the guy who owns The Palms hotel in Vegas. Yeah, I’m not exactly sure why, but I don’t think daddy Spears would allow it if he weren’t okay…so let’s move past that. How great does Britney look? Yay for Britney! And I’m guessing the guy she’s with here […]

SYTYCD loses Will

July 25th, 2008

Goodbye my sweet, Will. I am seriously gonna need to start taking anti-depressants or something so I can handle the remaining weeks of So You Think You Can Dance. I love that show so freakin’ much! And I love all the contestants that are still there. Except Mark. He’s weird. And I know he knows […]

Big Willie Style

July 23rd, 2008

Congrats to Will Smith being named the highest paid actor in Hollywood this year. He seems like a nice fella and I’m glad for him, but enough about that. Does anyone else feel old seeing the Fresh Prince with gray chin whiskers????

Who is to blame?

July 23rd, 2008

I am so sick of all the crime in this city. What needs to be done? Everyday another person gets killed or murdered. The sad part is, so many people are too busy pointing fingers to solve the problem. The police say the fault lies with the people who don’t report the crimes. Some say […]

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