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R U ready for vacay?

June 24th, 2008

vacation sandals #1It seems like so many people are going on vacation right now I am so happy to be one of them! I’m leaving this weekend to go on my delayed honeymoon to Mexico! I cannot wait. And because I am so excited…I keep buying stuff for the trip. At this rate my husband will divorce my before the honeymoon because I’m becoming a shop-aholic. 🙂

So here’s one of my new vacation themed sandals. I’m wearing them today, but I took my foot out for the picture, cuz that’s weird, ya know?  I know its hard to see with my cameraphone picture, but its like a silky material and I like ’em. ($25 bucks from TJ Maxx!) Tomorrow I’ll show you my new travel size hair products!!!! I’m kidding. I know you probably didn’t want to see my shoe either. I just wanted an excuse to talk about the trip! -Annette

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