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Tomorrow we’ve got a team at the Wendy’s Volleyball Classic at Coconut Beach. It’s for a good cause (Children’s Hospital) and it’s all about sportsmanship and stuff, but I gotta admit: my favorite part is the trash talking. Sure, people who are good at sports talk about sportsmanship and playing fair, but that’s because they’re […]

SATC Plans

May 30th, 2008

Today feels like a holiday to me. The Sex & the City movie opens! Yay! But because my stupid friend is out of town, we’re waiting till Monday to go see it. But of course we made our plans to see it already! 7 of us (6 girls and 1 gay) are going. Tickets orderd […]

Today I went to Planet Beach and got in the hydration station and I left feeling awake and like a new person. I never get to do stuff for myself. I leave the house on Saturday mornings and that is supposed to be my time but I’m usually grocery shopping or something. I am alone […]

Everybody Shut Up!

May 29th, 2008

So I’m listening to Kidd this morning and I’m betrayed by my own radio station. I do not want to know what happens in the Sex & the City movie, but Kellie and Al start talking about WAY TOO many details with those chicks from NYC. Uugh! Stop! Please! I want everything to be a […]

So I’m originally from Minnesota. We don’t have hurricanes. Yes, I’ve lived in New Orleans for the better part of 9 years so I guess I should know this, but I honestly thought hurricane season started way later in the summer. So I’ve planned my honeymoon (slightly delayed from the actual wedding in November) for […]

Yes, it’s true. He’s dating Kimberly Caldwell who’s been in the spotlight for dating Idol contestants in the past. Remember her from Season 2? She came in like 9th but she had her own little “Idol” analysis show on TV Guide channel recently. I met her once. She hated me. Anyway, here they are: Awwwwwww… […]

That’s My Baby!

May 27th, 2008

Natty learned how to “make raspberries” and it’s so cute. She knows that we think it’s cute so she keeps doing it. I read this article once that says babies learn how to lie at 6 months. They cry like something is wrong when it’s not, they just want to be picked up. So that […]

Au revoir Brangelina

May 27th, 2008

Well…looks like our brush with fame is over. They haven’t sold the FQ house, but really…when do you think they are coming back? They just bought this castle on a vinyard in the South of France. It has ponies and the guys from U2 as neighbors. Just the driveway is 3 miles long. I would […]

The Vettes on the Swirl

May 23rd, 2008

If you’re a local and don’t know about the Vettes, come on! Get with it! They’re the next big thing outta New Orleans so jump on the bandwagon now! Here’s a crash course: has the interview we did with them today and you can click here to check out their Myspace.

That’s right, Mitchel Musso’s brother Mason touched me, I’m selling my entire left arm on E-Bay.

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