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I’m not as uncomfortable as I look.

Outdoor Patios

March 28th, 2008

I so wish I was writing this from a patio bar or deck somewhere! I always feel like we only have a few weeks before the weather will be hot so we need to take advantage. That said…I was trying to think of places with outdoor bars. Here’s what I came up with: House of […]

AI Power Rankings Top 9

March 27th, 2008

1. David Cook 2. Brooke White 3. David Archuleta 4. Michael Johns 5. Carly Smithson 6. Jason Castro 7. Syesha Mercado 8. Ramiele Malubay 9. Kristy Lee Cook

You know you’re famous when stuff that happens to you makes headlines. You know you’re really famous when mundane stuff that happens to you makes headlines. And you know you’re really way too famous when mundane stuff happens TO YOUR SISTER and it makes headlines. Honestly, would the pregnant star of Zoey 101 getting engaged […]

I’m watching the Idol results show now and you know when they sing their group songs at the beginning?  Do you think that like hurts the soul of people like David Cook a little?  On tonights, he was totally doing an “Up with People” dance so maybe he’s into it?  What about those music videos?  […]

Josiah Got a Record Deal!

March 24th, 2008

Oh no! He’s back! Josiah Leming, everybody’s favorite ungrateful, homeless, egotistical, Tennessean with an Australian accent has apparently landed a major deal with Warner Brothers. Now maybe we can finally get to the bottom of whatever it is he’s hiding. Cuz ya know he’s hiding something! He’s way too mysterious. Click here for the full […]

Any excuse to feature a drunk Easter Bunny right?

AI Power Rankings – Top 10

March 20th, 2008

Here we go again: 1. David Archuleta 2. David Cook 3. Brooke White 4. Jason Castro 5. Carly Smithson 6. Chikeze 7. Syesha Mercado 8. Michael Johns 9. Ramiele Malubay 10. Kristy Lee Cook

St. Joe Got Screwed

March 19th, 2008

Every year two days after St. Patrick’s Day is St. Joseph’s Day. So what happens on St. Patty’s Day? green beer, green clothes, party at Parasols, parade with cabbage and beads… need I go on? What happens on St. Joseph’s Day? He gets an altar with food on it. St. Patrick converted a few people […]

I hate blowpops!

March 19th, 2008

I really don’t I really love them.  I just hate how sometimes I cut my tongue while eating them.  UUUGGGHHHH!!!  It takes forever for tongue wounds to heal. Annette just told me she’s never heard of Portishead before.  I asked, how???   Everyone has heard of Portishead right??  Everyone has gone through a Portishead phase.  […]

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