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Do the Idol girls suck?

February 27th, 2008

Brooke White from IdolI like to think I’m kind of an upbeat person, but I think the Amer Idol girls suck!  They’re just finishing the show right now and I just can’t bring myself to like any of them.   I mean, can they not hear what those low notes sound like?  I got up early today so maybe I’m just tired and grumpy.  Just to be on the safe side I guess I’ll throw a couple of votes in for Brooke White.  She really is like a little ray of sunshine, isn’t she?  (BTW -Don’t mock me for voting.  It’s all this campaign talk on the news manifesting itself in a strange way.)     xo – Annette

One Response to “Do the Idol girls suck?”

  1. Anthony M

    Miley Cyrus was on Idol last week. She’s hot!

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