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Idol Trash Talking

February 26th, 2008

Carly (Smithson) Hennessey
My 1st thought when I woke up yesterday morning was, “Is Idol on tonight?” I swear that’s true. And while I agree it’s a little pathetic…I feel I do need to stand up for the show. I love it. And I’m sick of everyone talking trash! Okay, some of the contestants had record deals or whatever. It doesn’t mean they’ll get my vote so it really doesn’t change the contest. And they are still trying to make a TV show here. We all know that some people who can totally sing don’t get through because “they are not what they’re looking for this year.” So what if some people are put through because they have experience. And it is still the #1 TV show…So I can’t be the only one who’s still on board with Idol, right? So if you love Idol – be proud! Now I gotta go and program Michael Johns’ vote # into my cell phone. xo – Annette

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