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Our Radiothon

February 22nd, 2008

MadisonDid you get a chance to hear any of our Radiothon for Children’s Hospital? I know it’s kind of a beating to hear us begging for money and telling sad stories…but it’s for a good cause…so thanks for putting up with it. One of the stories that really got to me was a 9 month old baby named Madison. She had really rare heart defects and needed surgery (open-heart surgery) as a baby. But then she seemed fine. Her parents took her home and were giving her a bath one night when Madison first died. I say first because all totaled, Madison has died 12 times. She keeps coming back though. Can you believe that? Just those words “her baby died 12 times” – it totally makes me wanna cry but it seems so surreal that you don’t. This is a picture of Madison who is doing well now. Well, as well as can be expected. They don’t know the severity of her neurological problems as a result of (to quote her father) having been down so long she turned “navy blue.” Oh my gosh. How can you even comprehend that? Madison is a miracle baby. And if you have a few extra bucks you can throw towards children’s hospital – that would be really cool. -Annette

One Response to “Our Radiothon”

  1. Lexie

    Hey, this is Lexie I just wanted to say hi and how great it was to meet ya’ll at the radiothon. How is teacup? She was so cute.My mom said she was half my size. No I am not that short(ha ha ha). I am still in the hospital. Hope you are all well. Thanks again .Still no cable.

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