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I Need 30 Seconds Of Your Time

February 21st, 2008

I’ve discovered that I have a bunch of 30 second conversations all day.  Everyone on our floor is either on the air, getting ready to go on the air, or doing prep for their air shift.   When I’m on the way to the bathroom I’m stopped.  It doesn’t get annoying because I know this person won’t talk to me for more than 20 or 30 seconds.

A lot can be said in that short amount of time.  Think about when you’re in the car listening to the radio.  When the dj comes on they start and finish a complete thought in under 15 seconds.

I wish life was like that.  I wish I could talk to everyone like that.  I’ve been screening my calls more because I don’t have to the time to have long conversations with people because of the baby.  If I don’t sit there during my free time and do something for myself then I end up neglecting myself.  I guess that’s just another part of being a mother.


One Response to “I Need 30 Seconds Of Your Time”

  1. tricia

    TPot: i am a mom too. Since the end of your pregnancy, i started following you guys. i even check the website to see the baby.. never thought i would ever do such a thing.. but, i do every so often..By the way, your baby is really cute and looks very HAPPY.

    I totally understand needing your time. I am a working mom too.. I am braindead when i get home and don’t even want to read to my little girl.. I want to melt away watching tv and eat bon-bons.

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