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The Baby Has A Radar

January 30th, 2008

Every time I sit down she knows. She knows I am about to finally do something for myself so she starts acting up. If I cook dinner, she starts screaming when I sit down to eat. If I want to take a shower she screams. How does she know. My toes look like chewed up […]

Parade Poopers

January 30th, 2008

  No, that title doesn’t refer to what I know you’re thinking (you sick bastard). But it’s almost as bad! I’m not ashamed. I like to show up to parades at the last minute. I don’t even get out of the car until I hear police sirens in the distance, so I accept that most […]

I’m also a blackout drunk…

January 29th, 2008

Are you watching Brett Michael’s Rock of Love on VH1 this season?  The first episode, some girl drinks so much she passes out and sleeps through the 1st elimination round.  So obviously she gets cut.  The next morning when she’s being interviewed by the camera she says something about being a really sweet girl with […]


January 28th, 2008

This is my new blog for now. By the time you read this, though, we’ll probably already be blogging on a new system. I have no idea why we change our blog site so much. If only blogging were like thoughts and they could just pop onto the screen like a thought pops into your […]

Thought For Today…

January 28th, 2008

    For all you non meat eaters who eat seafood because it’s not technically “meat,” consider this: when you eat beef or chicken how many cows have died for your meal? That’s right! One! But how many crawfish have to die to make one bowl of etoufee? A conservative guess would be like 50. So […]

Eye makeup remover Mascara Paper towels Thank you cards Write thak you notes Eat Drink water Change Natty’s diaper It’s so easy for me to remember that I need these things when I am home but when I’m out, I completely forget.  What’s wrong with my brain?  I’ve got baby mush brain.  It means that […]

Will Mom like Mardi Gras?

January 28th, 2008

My mom’s 60th birthday falls on Bacchus Sunday this year. So I told her I couldn’t fly out to San Antonio and see her, but if she wanted to come to Mardi Gras – I’d love to have her. She said yes. I was kinda surprised, but I think she’ll love to see her 1st […]

Someone who cares calls you to ask how you’re doing. Someone who doesn’t calls to ask how much weight you’ve lost. Someone who cares calls to ask if they can help you. Someone who doesn’t shows up on your doorstep unannounced to sit around and talk about themselves nonstop. Someone who cares tells you all […]

the new blogs

January 28th, 2008

Everyone’s telling me to blog more often.  So okay.  You asked for it.  I’ll be a blogging fool.  Look for a new post from me very soon.   Thanks, Stevie G

from TPot

January 28th, 2008

Okay – we just got this new blogging tool in place…and it should make everything much easier! You can now comment on each of my posts, share them with others and all kinds of stuff we couldn’t do before (we were so 1995). So – I’ll throw up a new post very soon! Thanks, TPot

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