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Have you ever had a real connection with someone and then feel like you two are not syncing?  I hate that.  It seems like every time you speak no one understands.

I know that there are times when you can grow apart but then you eventually come back together, but that out of sync period sux!  It feels like the person isn’t trying to understand you.  You explain over and over, but nothing comes of it.  It’s a very lonely feeling.

Equality for all

November 17th, 2008

This is a pic from the Prop 8 protest over the weekend.

What if your basic human rights were taken away?  Doesn’t seem fair does it?


The Post Marriage Date

November 3rd, 2008

Tomorrow is my second wedding anniversary and you know what that means! Time to take the wife on a date! That makes this the perfect time to reflect on the differences between the two types of dates: the pre and the post married ones. If you’re not married yet, don’t worry! It gets easier, trust me.

Here’s how it breaks down: Before you’re married dates are full of pressure. You need to bring your A game, say all the right things, impress the parents, and all that stuff. You take her to dinner which you can’t enjoy because you’re too busy trying to be interesting and then you go to a movie which you can’t follow because you’re not sure where to put your hands. Then at the end there’s that awkward “Do I or don’t I kiss her and if I do how do I make my move and what if she turns her face and I land on her ear” moment.

Pre marriage dates are all about leaving a good impression. But once you’re married, the first, second, and third impressions have already been made! So you can relax, loosen your belt a little, enjoy dinner and a movie, and beyond remembering the important things she says there’s not much you have to do. Sure, a poorly timed gas expulsion could land you on the couch for a night, but since that first impression has already been made, it doesn’t mean she’ll forever think you’re a dork, and that makes all the difference!

So take it from me single guys, don’t despair if your dating track record is less than perfect. Keep in mind all the post marriage dates you have in your future! Now all you have to do is find somebody to marry.

Poor Drew Brees. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and he’s stuck with us. Being a lifelong New Orleanian and knowing what’s coming if he stays with the team, I’m almost ready to say “Go Drew! Save yourself! It’s too late for us! But you still have a chance at a career! Run Drew Run!”

Is that wrong for me to say? I feel like our bunch of lovable losers (love ya Reggie!) is doomed to blow it week in and week out, but Drew actually has a shot at a Super Bowl ring with the right team. Remember Rickey Jackson? He left the Saints for a year to win a Super Bowl with the 49ers, then he signed a one day contract so he could still retire as a Saint. We didn’t blame him for that! Even though he knew his only chance at a ring was with another team, we still loved us some Rickey back then!

So all I’m saying, Drew, is we’re really appreciative of all the complete passes you’ve given us and we won’t be mad at you if you leave us in a bout of frustration. Just remember in a couple of years when you’re hoisting that giant trophy above your head in celebration, think about us poor Saints fans one more time.


October 16th, 2008

Sunday I was at my mom’s house playing with Natty and my nephew when I realized something was off.  My underwear kept falling for strange reason.  I didn’t think I lost weight.  I don’t own a scale because I refuse to put myself through that.  I would pull them up and a few minutes later, they’d start creeping right back down.

Then today, as I was walking to work, I noticed my underwear were creeping down again.  Totally different pair of undies but same issue.  Am I losing weight and I don’t know it?  I haven’t changed my eating habits so I should be the same.  I need to get to the bottom of this…or at least get some new undies.

Everybody Wins!!!

October 7th, 2008

Don’t you just love how after a presidential debate, both sides claim that it’s totally obvious that their side won? And the funniest part about it is that the room everybody goes into to talk about the debate right after it’s over is called the “spin room!” Everybody calls it that! I mean sure, everybody knows that the campaign spokesmen for either side are spinning the facts to make their side look good, but damn, do you have to openly admit it? I wish people could just be honest. It would be so refreshing to hear, just maybe once, one side say: “Oh yeah, we really screwed that part up.” But no, you’re not gonna hear that. All you’re gonna hear is spin spinny spin spin.


September 30th, 2008

A lot of people are talking about the economy right now and how it’s totally crappy and that’s gotta suck for anybody who, ya know, has money. The government is talking about an emergency bill that will bail out all the financial institutions blah blah blah… It’s boring and they tell us it needs to be done so most people just trust them and go about their business.

But have you looked at what they actually want to do? They want to give money to these huge companies who have been losing money due to really greedy and risky dealings because if they go under apparently we go under too. But if I bought a house that got foreclosed because I couldn’t pay and now the government has paid the loaner for my house, don’t they have the money AND the house now? We’re getting screwed in this deal, people, because our tax money is going to pay our debts without us actually getting credit for paying. We still owe or have bad credit scores or lost our house or whatever, and they got out of it because they’re just too big and rich to have to pay for their mistakes.

Well that’s outrageous.

I understand the need to fix the situation before it ruins our economy and causes everyone to suffer. But there are ways to do it that don’t simply involve bailing out the guilty. We need to demand that the people who mismanaged their companies into ruin lose there jobs just like any small business owner would if he or she did the same. We need to demand that any of our tax money that goes to fix this mess actually helps us too.  We need to demand that the government makes rules so that greedy businessmen can’t get rich by making a mess that threatens OUR wellbeing. Is that too much to ask?

You Can Learn A Lot From A Kid

September 19th, 2008

So my daughter right now is teetering on the brink between “can’t walk” and “can walk.” She’ll stand up with her hand on some sturdy object to support herself until she works up the courage to let go, then she sorta stands there staring at me, wobbling like crazy, she’ll take a step, then two, maybe three, then decide crawling is way easier and jump on the floor. As a parent it’s crazy how you root the kid on like she’s about to find the cure for cancer and you’re so proud when she finally reaches a new milestone.

Last week she could stand up, but only when she didn’t realize it. She would become so interested in whatever object she was playing with that her support hand would  unconsciously let go of that sturdy object. She could stand up for an infinite amount of time, as long as she didn’t know she was doing it. Then it became like the roadrunner running off the cliff in the cartoons, as soon as she realized what she was doing, she’d awkwardly tumble to the ground.

She finally realized that she already had the ability to stand up, she just needed the confidence to actually do it. I wonder how often I fail at something just because somewhere inside I don’t really believe that I can do it.

My cat is missing

September 16th, 2008

My cat Bingo has been missing for a little over a week. He is black and white and he’s about 15 or 16 lbs. He’s updated on all of his shots. I’m devastated and really want him to come back home. I keep hoping someone will ring my bell with him in their arms and say they found him wandering around their backyard and they were able to catch him. He’s got a silver collar with my address and phone number on it.

If you live around O.L.D.P. and you’ve seen my cat or have him, please email me.
Here is a picture of my precious Bingo. He’s wearing a pink collar in this one but the one he has on now is silver.

He’s the One You’re After!

September 15th, 2008

Calling all Obama supporters! I need your attention. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase stop talking about Sarah Palin! Yeah, I know we can prove she’s a big liar and dumb as a stump and wants to set back women’s rights, like, 80 years but that’s not the point. Every time we talk about her instead of McCain we’re letting the lies work! Keep the focus on the main man! He’s the one running for president! He’s the one people will decide to either vote for or not vote for! She’s smoke and mirrors!

He’s the one who wants to continue fighting a war just so we can claim “victory” while the real bad guys run around free. He’s the guy who just today said that the economy is doing ok while it crumbles onto the laps of people everywhere who are not as rich as him.  He’s the one who wants to act like a bully and talk tough to Iran and Russia while peace is still possible. He’s the one who would be president.

So right now I pledge to not even utter her name, not even once, until after November 5th and I urge you to do the same. Once again, that’s for Obama supporters. McCain supporters please ignore this message and I hope we can still be friends.

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