brace face

SOOOO I have been thinking about getting invisaline braces. It’s not the actual braces that you can see, they are the clear ones that hook OVER your teeth. I had braces when I was younger, but like most people I got OVER wearing the retainers so my teeth have gone back to their old ways. lol.
So I met with a dentist today, Dr. Rossi, totally awesome guy who is thinking it would really help if I got them put on. So I am still kicking the idea around…I am 99.9% sure…but what if I don’t keep up on them, what if I lose one…ah! sounds like a lot of responsibility.
Speaking of responsibility here is my lovely pooch Laguna…she’s work, but look at that face…I just love her.
all for now

Tomorrow is Jingle Ball!

I am so excited for the huge concert tomorrow. I was thinking I would wear this new cashmere scarf my mother in law got me (lets call her the MIL) for my christmas present. We do them early because she doesn’t get to see us on Christmas since we see my rents that day. Just like this but green.
Anyway there is still ways to get Jingle ball tickets ya just gotta be listening or buy them at the door. I am most excited to meet Katy Perry -I wanna see what she is like in real life. I have a feeling she will be sweet. She was in the interview we did today! Ok that’s all for now