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Last friday I had two friends that were in town for a visit. One was a good friend that have been pretty close to, but we hadnt kept in touch as much as I had planned when leaving San Fransisco. We had called each other periodically. When she said she was coming up to see me and other friends of hers along the way..ashland Oregon, Portland and then Seattle..I was very excited to see both of them.  When they finally got into town…I couldnt quite put my finger on it but something was different. I kept staring at her as she talked and at times wanted to yell out “hold on! where is my friend that I used to laugh with?” But I kept silent. I felt the energy and life being completely drained from my mind and body, as I sat there. And YES those people ARE out there. The kind that like to think the glass is empty…forget half full. I call them energy vampires. If you let them they will suck the life from every part of your being. Now I am not saying my friend was doing this but it really “felt” the same. The minutes that passed seemed like days, and that can NEVER be good. We went all over Seattle and we toured all the places she lived and worked back when she was  at a former country station back in 94′ and I had an alright time. But that feeling of being absolutly exhausted was there the whole time. I slept alot while she was here..more than normal. And perhaps she picked up on what was going on too, she left a couple of days earlier than previously planned.

There is a saying that is ringing true with me right now…”people come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime….perhaps I am the one who has changed.

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