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Rockin the beer gut video…DONE and out July 4th on CMT!

How DO these sort of crazy things happen to such a normal gal?…lol….Ok we all know Im a bit left of normal. What is interesting is I said to a friend Bill in march after being invited by Showdog records (Tobys label) to come to The ACM’s …”I have this feeling, that Trailer Choir and I are gonna become great friends..and I am going to be in one of their video’s…not sure which one, but I know this will happen.” HOW CRAZY is that? So we meet and what I said became reality..even to MY suprise. I got up on stage with them at Toby Keiths “I love this bar and grill” in Harrahs…went on stage with TC and rocked the beer gut for a packed house. Again little did I know there were programmers from all over the U.S that saw this and loved it and started playing it on their station. I guess I made it “Okay” to be phat and all that. So the song starts charting before the record label is off the current single at the time which was “what would you say”. The label head of Showdog records (wonderful man) George says to me..”you started a spark..that led to a fire and if anyone deserves to be in this video’s you.” So they paid for everything. Plane ticket, hotel,everything…So I left for Nashville on a monday…was filmed in the beer gut video and flew back wednesday. The video will be out July 4th. It is all very amazing and surreal to me…but so exciting. Be on the look out for Trailer Choirs video “rockin the beer gut” mout July 4th on CMT and GAC. Love you all.

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