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Taylor Hicks @ Walmart in Marysville

Well to try and keep Taylors fans Happy I am going to post what was a very brief encounter with him on friday. He was at Walmart in Marysville, and to be honest he looked just plain tired. There was a line almost around the store to see him. I spoke with him very breifly. He did remember me. Said “Hey Lola” and asked if I had been to any of The Grease shows..I told him no..because they were sold out. He said “I have comp tickets” please come out and see the show. So I most likely will. I will be at The Triple door on wednesday night for his SOLD OUT show..and even took the next day off. I met all kinds of wonderful WOLFERS…they started shouting when I showed up..and everyone thought TAYLOR was there! I had to laugh about that.

Taylor it is ALWAYS great to see you…and Wolf fans I LOVE YOU.

16 Responses to “Taylor Hicks @ Walmart in Marysville”

  1. hdey Says:

    You rock, Lola. Sounds as though your presence is sincerely desired at an upcoming performance of Grease. Enjoy the show! Review it for us?

  2. tishlp Says:

    Oh you must go to see Grease, Lola. It will really lift your spirits. It’s just plain fun. Of course Taylor’s scene is the best, plus he sings his single after the show, but I’m sure you already knew that. I’m sure Taylor is tired, he is working like crazy. I hope you had a nice Memorial Day, even if you had to work. I’m streaming your show.

  3. medolark Says:

    I’m so glad you blogged about this event. No wonder he looks tired with all of the shows and pr for the new single and cd. I’m glad you get to go to Grease and esp. The Triple Door. It should be an outstanding concert. Be sure and let us know what you think. Be prepared to be ROCKeted away and to take a long time coming back to earth. Ü

  4. KathO Says:

    Thanks for filling us in a little. Wish I could go to the show at the Triple Door. You’ll have fun!!!!!!!!

  5. jerseyrish Says:

    Lola, Thanks for taking the time to share your Taylor moment with everyone. The man works non stop, sometimes I wonder if he goes on sheer nerves. Enjoy your comp ticket to Grease and let us know how the show goes at The Triple Door.


  6. Pat Says:

    Lola – thanks for taking the time to let us know how the Wal-Mart CD signing went. So happy to hear the line went around the store. Yeah, that Taylor works so hard all the time. I’m not surprised that he looked tired.

    I hope you take Taylor up on his offer and go see Grease – it’s a hoot! You’ll have a good time and Taylor is a riot! So happy you are going to Triple Door – hold onto your seatbelt – you’re going on a ride!

    You rock – Lola! You’ve got a lot of new best friends now! Soul Patrol!

  7. Gypsee Says:

    Have a great time at both venues, Lola! I know you will enjoy both the theatrical and the intimate performances. Do let us know your reactions!

  8. Poolie Says:

    Hi Lola, glad you made it to the CD signing and I’m sure you are correct in your observation that Taylor looked tired. He’s working really hard to get “his voice heard” on radio and thanks to good people like you it will happen. I hope you can go to see Grease, it’s a great musical and Taylor’s “Beauty School Dropout” is a highlight. The Triple Door promises to be another outsdanding event, wish I could be there. Have a great time, enjoy seeing “our guy”, hope you manage a blog or two with your impressions.

  9. Gr8fulheart Says:

    Lola~You’re gonna have the time of your life at The Triple Door tomorrow night. How I wish I could be in attendance. For certain, you will be ‘feeling the vibe’ for DAYS! Fasten your seatbelt & absorb the feeling of being ‘Taylorized’!
    Thanx for posting about the Marysville signing. I’m not surprised Taylor looked tired, since he gives 110% of himself at all times. One of the many reasons we Love him.

  10. Lubiana Says:

    Thanks so much for your post Lola! Was wonderful to hear how he wanted you to come see the show!

  11. Kathy Says:

    OH how I wish I was going to be at the Triple Door. I saw him when he was near me and it was outstanding. Hope you get to bring the guys from the station that were teasing you about your Taylor crush. LOL. That will shut them up for good. LOL. Taylor sets the stage on fire .

  12. katja Says:

    Thank you so much for this update 😀
    Have fun at the Triple Door. WOOT!

  13. laurie Says:

    This was so nice of you to blog about your time with Taylor! I know I appreciate it.

    I’m enjoying “The Wolf” online. The one country station in my city is boring, repetitive and won’t take a chance on anything new.

  14. Melissa Says:

    Lola-Thank you for the Wally World report and for adding “Seven Mile Breakdown” to your playlist. I know you will have a great time tonight at the Triple Door, Taylor and band will ROCK the place.

  15. BabyDoll Says:

    So glad you had an opportunity to visit Taylor and see the way he reaches out to the fans. He really needs a break with the country stations, and I think you might be the break he’s lookin for. I think 7MB is a great song, I want to hear it on your station, and I have been streaming it live just to hear it. Thank you for your support of our man Taylor, and please know that if you play Taylor Hicks music, your station will get many new listeners from Taylor’s fan club. Tell that to your sponsors, cause we are waiting to throw our support behind a station that will play Taylor Hicks. I hope you enjoyed the Triple Door. Taylor Hicks is Amazing!

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