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The tale of two Taylors…

It was for sure a “Taylor made” friday….Well sometimes I get lonely…and thats a hard thing to say…

I still am not “over” interviewing him last friday. And YES I know that he is just a regular person…yet noone has ever had this effect on me. I think the interview went pretty well..considering my “dork” factor was in full effect. I had all of these pre-conceived feelings about him and after meeting him they were all confirmed.

He is a very handsome, charming, funny man. I LOVE giving..and The Ray Charles doll was alot of fun to give to him…I heard he had lost his and thru a wonderful listener I was able to give him another one, One that he said he is going to take on the road with him….he was so nice and genuine. I asked alot of questions that I wanted to know…and he seemed good with awnsering all my questions. If you go to under station stuff you will find the video for this interview…I think it is worth watching. He gave me his harmonica and wrote on an autographed pic of him “fan for life”..he also gave me his private email. Which from what I am to understand from his HUGE fan base..he never does any of these things….interesting.

Taylor Hicks should have been in country music all along…but dont get me started. He is a wonderful addition to our format and I believe with time will go pretty far in THIS format.

As for the OTHER Taylor….as in SWIFT that I met on friday night backstage…um really nice girl..very grounded and lovely….but NOTHING compared to the first Taylor. ….

65 Responses to “The tale of two Taylors…”

  1. juliegr Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Welcome to the Taylor Hicks Fan For Life club!

    Yes, Taylor is all that you said and MUCH, MUCH more. Glad you had a chance to meet him and find out for yourself that is the counter to ALL to bad press he had received for the last 3 years since he beat the PTB and the other idols to win American Idol.

    Thanks for all you said and all you can do for our Soul Man. He WILL be good in country music — now for the rest of the people in your business to open their eyes and ears.

  2. Woo Says:

    Fabulous Lola! TY for supporting our guy! Have been streaming all morning:)
    Look forward to the audio of part 2…xo Woo

  3. Tish Says:

    He never, ever, ever gives out his e-mail!! You rock Lola! I’ve met Taylor and everything you said is true, sweet, genuine, charming and yes a regular guy trying to make a living doing something he loves. That’s what comes across the most for me, this man absolutely loves music, all kinds of music and the hard-working musicians that create it. Thanks for giving him a chance.

  4. medolark Says:

    Lola – loved your interview with Taylor. He seems to have that ‘effect’ on women. we call it the ‘woo’. I’m so glad that you’ve added 7MB. I’m listening. Ü

  5. jasperhicksfan Says:

    oooh Lola, you’ve been hit by the Woooooo! That’s what we Hicks fans call the “dork factor” when you’re in his presence. Nothing can prepare you for the effect he has on you because he’s soooo much thinner and better looking than many of his pics portray. And he’s just a little shy and so genuine that you just have to love him! Hoping country music radio will recognize all the hard work he has put in and didn’t just pop on the music scene with Idol. He has definitely paid his dues and deserves some respect.

  6. Lubiana Says:

    Lola, the soul patrol has gone nuts (in a truly positive way) for your interview with Tay!! I am so happy at the wonderful way you reacted to and treated him. We LOVE you over at the Boogie Board, come and check us out! :)

  7. Cheryl Parrish/heartandsong Says:

    Lola — This has been a fun journey this week, following you & Taylor Hicks [and I just linked my Facebook friends to your blog]. I love the fact that you’re not afraid to share your feelings. I laughed every time I watched your interview — and I just cried when I read this blog entry. You truly have a gift for words & a joy for life. :-)

  8. Liz Says:

    Thanks so much for having Taylor on your show. He does seem like a funny, down to earth, very talented guy! Can’t wait to see where his life’s path takes him next… And yes, welcome to the club! :-)

  9. Chewy Says:

    Very well put Cheryl. The few times I have spoken online with Lola , I feel like I have known her forever. Lola is one special lady

  10. jules Says:

    Holla Lola! Hope you can check Taylor (Hicks) out in concert at the Triple Door in Seattle on Wednesday, May 27. There is NOTHING like Taylor H. in concert. Oh, what a treat! Lola, you rawk!!

    Seven Mile Breakdown sounds awesome on radio!! Whoever says this is not country has no ear for “real” country music.

  11. hdey Says:

    Lola, you have such a genuine manner and natural charm. I enjoyed your interview with Taylor last week, and am enjoying your show today. Thanks for spinning Seven Mile Breakdown.

  12. Gypsee Says:

    Lola, you have been treated to a wonderful thing with your interview and meeting Taylor, one that we are also treated to by your sharing it. Taylor is such a fantastic artist and so genuine, and I for one appreciate you adding SMB to your spins. Your interview was one of the best ever!

  13. Dogmom Says:

    Lola – well, you’ve most certainly caught a serious case of the “whoo” haven’t you?! Your interview with Taylor was absolutely priceless, including your “dork” factor – ha! Thank you for letting people see and hear the real Taylor – the one that is kind, thoughtful, genuine, talented, and oh, did I mention handsome! Thank you for keeping us updated – it’s been lots of fun. Thanks for playing Seven Mile Breakdown.

  14. Kathleen (kaitlin45) Says:

    Lola, thank you again for being so gracious to an artist as deserving, on all counts, as Taylor Hicks. His commitment to his music is as genuine as he is, and you are to be commended for all the airplay we know you will give him. For too long, America’s been duped into buying into manufactured “artists”; it’s way past time we got back to real music. Taylor Hicks is the real deal and so are you!

  15. Pboyers Says:

    Lola – BWAHAWAWAW I LOVED your interview with Taylor!!! You were awesome. Welcome to the Soul Patrol girl! We have a saying for what came over you. It’s called the WOO…. and you were hit full force. So nothing is your fault LOL

    I too have always believed Taylor belonged in Country. I’m a big Country fan and almost all the old songs have now been reclassified as country. I hope he does well there. You are going tot the show at the Triple Door the 22nd yes? It a must see!

    Welcome aboard!!!

  16. mab Says:

    Lola, what a great interview. Thank you for having Taylor and yes he is a great guy and very talented. Great addition to Country. Streaming now, thank you playing Seven Mile Breakdown.

  17. Ann Says:

    Lola, you are such a joy! I am a Taylor Hicks fan for life who enjoyed you as much as I enjoyed him on friday.

    Thanks for adding Seven Mile Breakdown to your play list. I’ll be listening for it. You rock!

    How much are you asking for that email addy? haha! Lucky lady!

  18. Carolyn Says:

    Lola, I’m so happy for you, and definitely understand the “woo” dust that’s sprinkled wherever Taylor goes. He’s just such a great talent and such a classy guy. Your interview was wonderful and so real, and I thought you were able to bring out a lot of Taylor’s charm and personality. Thank you so much for your kindness to Taylor and for playing him often on your show. The Ray doll was such a thoughtful gift, too! All the best and thanks again!

  19. jerseyirish Says:

    Lola, Thank you for sharing your wonderful moment with Taylor with everyone. I loved the interview and the Ray doll was so touching. Loved you were so caught up in the whole thing, just as any of us would be, but porbably one of the best interivews I’ve heard, he was open and very relaxed with you!!!


  20. Barbie Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful interview, and for sharing the “woo” with all of us. I am sure Taylor will remember you 4ever…and we will too if New Little Ray should be where the former Little Ray was during Taylor’s last tour. May God bless and keep you.

  21. Laurie Says:

    Lola, you’re awesome. Loved the interview and appreciate the support for Taylor. Love the show. You have a new on-line listener.

  22. Kathy Says:

    Loved the interview. Taylor is really a special person. I have followed his career for some time and am always touched by how kind he is. He is so good with kids and has been involved with several charities for a long time. I think that says alot about who he is. I think he has more than paid his dues he struggled for 10 years and then after winning AI they tried to pigeon hole him into a Pop mold. Well Taylor can’t be molded because he is one of a kind. His music before Idol could have been a good fit for Country and now that he is independant he’s back to his soulful, bluesy, country blend.

  23. Karenk Says:

    Lola, thank you so much for the wonderful interview with Taylor. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed watching an interview more nor have I ever seen Taylor enjoy an interview more and believe me I’ve seen them all!
    You were definitely hit with a full dose of the Woo! Be very careful, there is no cure.

  24. MJ Kissel Says:

    From your lips, Lola, to the ears of every program director in this country. Thanks for giving Seven Mile Breakdown a chance to be heard by the masses. Like the old song goes, it only takes a spark to get a fire going.

    Burn, baby, burn!

  25. KimLoree Says:

    Lola, thanks for supporting our guy. As the others have said…he is so deserving of the respect you showed him. Having spent ten years prior to American Idol, playing in smokey clubs in the south…he has truly paid his dues. And he’s definitely the real deal. Hope to see you at the Triple Door on the 27th. Oh…and BTW, the only time I met him…I was a dork too.

  26. Tally Says:

    Hi Lola: Your interview with Taylor was the best ever. I know exactly what you mean when you say you are still not “over” from interviewing him. He has this quiet charisma that can sort of take your breath away. His live concerts are fantastic. And as you saw, he is the nicest guy. I”m so happy that you “get” him. And I love that you support playing “Seven Mile Breakdown” on country. Country fans are terrific.

  27. Laurie Says:

    It was a pleasure to hear and see your interview with Taylor. Don’t mind the “dork” factor. I’m sure 99% of his fans would have felt the same way. I know I would have. And lucky you for obviously making a friend for life in Taylor!!!! He’s damn lucky too!

    Hopefully we’ll get to hear/see part 2 of your time with him! Thanks for adding his music to your station!

  28. katja Says:

    Struck by the woo! I love it. You’re da bomb! 😀
    Thank you!

  29. mary beth Says:

    Lola you are awesome and thank you so much for having Taylor on and making him feel at ease. That was one of the best interviews yet. And dont worry about dorking out we’ve all had our moments. Have you heard about the Tripple Door show….you NEED to go experience Taylor live. You will be blown away :) xo

  30. Katie Says:

    Thank for the wonderful interview of Taylor, and like others have said, until you meet him in person, you will never know how handsome, charming and down to earth he is. The eyes have it tho, don’t they? Oh, and the voice of course. Wait till you see him in concert. Make sure you are in front!

  31. Melissa Says:

    Lola—YOU ROCK! Thank you for that wonderfully entertaining interview with Taylor on Friday. I could tell he was truly touched by your thoughtful gift and I enjoyed the thoughtful questions. Taylor’s new CD “The Distance” is perfectley named. His musical talents span many genres and I agree “Seven Mile Breakdown” is a good country fit. Thank you for adding it to your playlist.

  32. moonbeam Says:

    Loved your very funny and energetic interview. Taylor is a true Southern gentleman and incredibly easy on the eyes. Every time I’ve been around him the “dork” factor takes over and I’m total mush. Thanks for giving Taylor a chance to be heard on country radio. Seven Mile Breakdown is a toe tapping Southern country rock song that just makes you smile. I’ve never been so moved by a singer/entertainer in all my years. Can’t explain it but Taylor has cast a magic spell over many of us. Welcome to the Taylor Hicks Fan for Life Club.

  33. ms.sonny Says:

    Have you caught your breath yet?
    Your interview with Taylor
    was absolutely the best
    I’ve seen so far
    You expressed the emotions
    an woo facter of all Taylor fans!
    you MUST see him in concert,
    You don’t know breathless yet!

    just sayin

  34. meekowl Says:

    Lola, your interview was so much fun to watch!! One of the best I’ve seen in a long time. You’re dynamite!

  35. Pat P Says:

    Lola~ loved, loved, loved your interview with Taylor…the best ever. You just cracked me up because you acted exactly how his fanbase does!! As everyone else has said, “thank you” for being so kind to Taylor and giving him a chance. He is so deserving to have his music heard. And can I say you truly are the ayatollah getting Taylor’s email address…I am bowing to you.

  36. cath Says:

    You interview was tons of fun to watch . I hope your listening audience will give Taylor’s music a chance and that you will continue to “pimp” him to the country crowd. He’s a country boy at heart , singing from his heart and soul.

    Thanks you for spinning Seven Mile Breakdown.

  37. Tempe Says:

    Lola, thank you for sharing your time with Taylor with all of us. You express so well what we feel on meeting him. Taylor is a man of many genres, and it’s nice to hear him on the Country side. I hope others will give him the chance you have on the radio. At first I thought your title Two Taylors referred to him on stage and to him off stage. He’s amazing, isn’t he?

  38. viv sawyer Says:

    lola…you are so cute…i loved your interview with taylor..isn’t he just adorable??? my family thinks i have lost my mind, i am so taken by him and his music. lol…i appreciate you giving him the respect he truly deserves…i met him twice and i was speechless like you. normally i don’t have any problrm talking to people…but in front of taylor i am a hugh dork also. too funny. ENJOY THE TRIPLE DOOR. WISH I COULD BE THERE.

  39. Karenlyn Says:

    I am adding my thanks for a wonderful interview. As you can tell, yes, Taylor has a large fanbase and fans for life is an understatement where this artist is concerned. When you walk into his world, there is no walking out. Loved all the questions you asked, they were different and fun, most other interviews are sprinkled with the same questions/answers, but yours was enlighting and interesting. Don’t worry about the “dorkness” – its all his fault really, he makes us this way. Thanks again.

  40. Allison Says:

    Welcome to the Soul Patrol Lola!Taylor’s gunuine personality is why we keep coming back for more…well that and the great music!Thank you for interviewing him.I’ll be coming to Seattle for the Triple Door show.I hope to see you there!

  41. Harp Says:

    Lola.. That was by far the best interview Taylor has ever done thanks to you and your wonderful spirit!

    I hope you can have him back before he leaves Seattle!

  42. J. Says:

    Great interview, Lola! Glad you added Seven Mile Breakdown.

  43. Connie Says:

    Hi Lola,

    What a pleasure to gt to know you through your wonderful interview with Taylor Hicks. Your genuine sincerity gained YOU even more fans for life. Taylor Hicks is a unique talent who has been under appreciated and maligned for years by many in your position. Thank you for giving Taylor a “voice” on country music radio not only with your interview but also with your decision to give Seven Mile Breakdown a much deserved spot on your station’s playlist. I will be streaming your show from this point forward.


  44. Anne Says:

    Lola…great interview. Hope you get to experience Taylor Hicks live at the Triple Door. That is a double WOO treat. It was clear that you had the knack to make Taylor feel comfortable and I’m sure he appreciated it as much as his fans did..THANKS !!!!

  45. Lori Says:

    Lola, thank you for having Taylor on your show, you were a wonderful host. And thank you for adding Seven Mile Breakdown and I hope you are able to see Taylor at the Triple Door.

  46. Judy Says:

    Lola, Loved the interview. Very intriguing questions. Taylor is so talented, hard working, genuine, handsome…what’s not to love. You are the best and getting hit by the WOOOOO is so much fun. Enjoy the ride. Thank you so much for playing 7MBD.. Just got a double dose of the WOOOO myself – Saw Taylor in Grease Sunday Night with an awesome Meet and Greet! I will never be the same. PS: I mentioned how neat it was that you gave him the Ray doll and he said: “Yes, she is a sweatheart and I have the doll backstage!!” Anxiously awaiting the Triple Door event..he is over the top, when you see him perform in person.

  47. karoray Says:

    Thanks for a great interview, Lola and for playing Seven Mile Breakdown.
    Taylors worked so hard, and it is a good song and deserves a chance.
    Hes great, isn’t he?

  48. Andrea/yukkyfish Says:

    Lola, I am enjoying your interview with Taylor so much. He is such a doll!! And as an old grandmother, I have still been struck with the “woo.” I was so nervous when I got a meet and greet, the ladies around me didn’t know if I would make it or not. But I did and he is so adorable. More importantly he is so talented. He deserves more than anyone to be a success in his chosen field. Thanks again for a great interview (and enjoy the Triple Door show – you will have a blast).

  49. Helene Says:

    Hi Lola, I just had to come by and say thanks so much for the great interview with Taylor. You asked some really good questions and you were a riot to watch. loved it

  50. Poolie Says:

    Lola, what a great interview, really enjoyed it. Taylor, as others before me have noted, has worked very hard and is so deserving of respect in the music industry. He’s a “real” artist and musician, not manufactured by a management or electronically manipulated in the studio. I do hope you get to see him at The Triple Door, a live show by Taylor is absolutely fantastic. Think you’ve caught the “Woo”? you aint seen nothin’ yet. By the way I’m tuning in to your station from Canada, I love The Wolf! and the anticipation of hearing 7Mile Breakdown on the air is wonderful. Thanks, for everything, interviewing Taylor, adding 7MB and giving me a new station to listen to.

  51. Trish Says:

    Loved your interview. ha ha You are so gone. Its OK for me to laugh cause I am the same way about Taylor.

    I sure hope you add SMB to the stations play list.

  52. BabyDoll Says:

    Well, I agree with everything that has already been said. It is so exciting to us to see Taylor answer such excellent questions, and reveal so much of himself that way. I would’ve sworn you must be from Birmingham the way he responded to you, cause he was so comfortable with you. He truly is a southern gentleman. Taylor’s new song Seven Mile Breakdown is a blast to experience driving down the highway with the radio turned up loud! Thank you so much for adding it to you playlist, and please know we Taylor Hicks fans will be listening. We enjoyed watching you react to seeing him LIVE up close and personal, cause we have all been there, and we know this is the beginning of a great friendship between you and Taylor. You have started something by adding this song we hope will spread to country music stations all over, and I guarantee that you have inherited many many Taylor Hicks fans who have been waiting for this. You have virtually discovered a new Country Star! Please post part two of your interview if you recorded it. We loved it! Thanks again so much!
    God Bless, Your new Fan! BabyDoll

  53. Barbie Says:

    I think you have been “adopted” by a world wide family. Thanks you so very much, not only for the interview…but for playing Taylor’s music and “letting his voice be heard.” Have fun at the Tripple Door. Why oh why is Florida so far away from Seattle?

  54. Madilyn Says:

  55. Madilyn Says:

    Lola, I don’t think the link for the pic worked because I don’t see it in the comments. Probably pics are not allowed. Also, I must tell you how much I enjoyed the first part of the interview with Taylor, it absolutely made my day!!! Thank you for playing SMB from Taylor’s new cd The Distance, he is so deserving for radio to play him.

    My daughter and I are traveling from South Carolina to see Taylor at The Triple Door, we are soooo excited. Hope to be able to at least say heyyy to you at the show. My daughter has never seen Taylor in person and is really in for a treat and hopefully she will catch the WOO for which there is no cure. It has been over 3 years for me and recovery is no where in sight.

    Love you radio show!!

  56. Laurie Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for adding SMB to the playlist. I live in New York and am now streaming your station live! Hopefully other stations will pick up this great Southern Rocl song!

  57. Bonnie ("BonBon") Says:

    Hi, Lola! Loved part 1 of your interview with Taylor Hicks and hope that part 2 will show up too.

    Like all the other Soul Patrol members, I immediately fell in love with you and your wonderful personality. As you have been told many times over in the comments posted here, you have officially experienced the WOO!!! Hey, if there is a cure we don’t want to find it — is that how you feel to? I had loved Taylor since Idol and had been on his various fansites since but when my sister and I saw him in concert the first time we had only thought we had experienced the woo before. We walked out of the theater in a fog — we knew we were happy and still very excited from the show and that we had never experienced anything like it before but more than that we had this different feeling that we couldn’t put words to. I walked around in this trance like state for hours and then it hit me that I had now really and truly experienced the full woo.

    Now, Taylor is more than just a woo spreader as you probably know. He is a wonderful human being with a God given talent. I have never experienced a young man with the drive that he has and he doesn’t take anything for granted either and knows if you want something done you do it yourself. Another thing that impresses me about him and it is very evident on The Distance is his sincere desire for brotherly love and as he said on your show “world peace” — it is the theme of many of his songs.

    When I first joined a fansite I noticed a lot of people were putting little sayings under their avis so I came up with this one because it says what I feel: “Fate gave him to us and love won’t let him go” — that sums up my true feelings for Taylor and his music.

    So, before I write a book here, I really wanted to thank you for adding Seven Mile Breakdown to your station — so thank you Lola and God bless.

  58. Jan4Taylor Says:


    As you have heard many times…Your interview with Taylor was the best I have ever seen..the interaction between the two of you was pricless..Oh and when the WOO hits it never leaves and there is no cure..Taylor had me hooked the moment I saw him audition for AI. The charisma he has is something I have never felt before it takes over and you lose control of speech and your brain turns to mush That is the WOO!!!!!!!!! On this journey I have met so many fantastic people and that is because of Taylor, his fans are the most unbelievable people I have ever met and I am so proud to be one of them. All of us want the best for Taylor he has worked so hard for so long to get to this place.. Thank you so much supporting him and his music..and welcome to the Soul Patrol…

    And when you go the Triple prepared to get hit with WOO like you can’t imagine…his live performances leave you breathless…Have a blast..wish I could be there… Jan

  59. Kathy Says:

    Hope the technical troubles the station was having with Part 2 is being worked out. Gee it would be a shame if it was lost. BUT then again, you do have Taylor’s E-mail I’m sure he’d come over for a re-do. LOL.

  60. Gr8fulheart Says:

    L~OOO~LA! Not sure what happened with my post but ‘poof~gone’! I don’t give up though! Had to come here & thank you for that wonderful interview. It is Very obvious, you’ve been ‘bitten by the Taylor bug’ & now have the WOOOOO! Welcome to this crazy, yet Loving group of Taylor fans. You now know exactly what we have been talkin about.
    Just need to know one thing though: Did you finally come through with Taylor’s request & BREATHE~BREATHE~JUST BREATHE! We know how it feels!
    I laughed through nearly the whole interview & I think this is my favorite interview of all times. Definately Genuine from both sides & so much fun. Girl ~ giving Taylor the Ray Charles doll was a total ‘Class Act’. He genuinely meant what he said about Loving that gift.
    You Must take in the Triple Door concert on the 27th. Crawl~if you must, But Go! In the meantime ~ Pull yourself together! We don’t want Taylor to have to ‘scoop’ you off the floor with a shovel!
    Thanx again for ‘seeing’ what we’ve always known. And~especially for adding Seven Mile Breakdown’ to your playlist. Country music has added another ‘winner’ to their Family!♥

  61. taylorwow Says:

    Loved you interview with Taylor! He is really, really special isn’t he? So glad you got to have such an extended visit with him. Thanks for sharing it with his fans–but most of all thanks for adding Seven Mile Breakdown. It deserves to be heard.

  62. KathyO Says:

    Hi Lola, a little late to respond but I really enjoyed your interview with Taylor. I’ve heard a few interviews of him, but you asked some questions he did not expect. Hope you get to see him live—it’s an experience!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Cara Says:

    Oh, Lola! You are alright in my book. While everyone else seems to be giving Taylor nothing but grief, you give him a heartfelt gift of a Ray Charles doll. Way to go, girl!


    LOLA YOU ARE THE BEST —- I loved the interview and I know Taylor is so nice, kind, sweet, but so are you. WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE ME SOME TAYLOR HICKS AND LOLA

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