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Taylor Hicks @ Walmart in Marysville

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Well to try and keep Taylors fans Happy I am going to post what was a very brief encounter with him on friday. He was at Walmart in Marysville, and to be honest he looked just plain tired. There was a line almost around the store to see him. I spoke with him very breifly. He did remember me. Said “Hey Lola” and asked if I had been to any of The Grease shows..I told him no..because they were sold out. He said “I have comp tickets” please come out and see the show. So I most likely will. I will be at The Triple door on wednesday night for his SOLD OUT show..and even took the next day off. I met all kinds of wonderful WOLFERS…they started shouting when I showed up..and everyone thought TAYLOR was there! I had to laugh about that.

Taylor it is ALWAYS great to see you…and Wolf fans I LOVE YOU.

Rockin’ the beer gut…

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

I absoltely LOVE this song and this group. The name “trailer Choir” conjures up an automatic vision of something REDNECK for sure…and yes they are a bit “rednecked” if you will, but they are also so much more. I had the pleasure of meeting them at the 2009 ACM awards that were held in Vegas. We became instant friends and kindred “souls” passionate about our format of country music and also our fans. The song “beer gut” for me was really a turning point in my life. For so long I have hid behind my weight, using it as a “protection”. Why? Honestly wanting to avoid intimacy on all levels. But beer gut has changed my attitude and prospects. It has liberated me and empowered me to “really ROCK what Ive got”…and its alot.  Chorus- “she was rocking the beer gut and I love the way she’s not afraid…rockin the beer gut well, its just some extra love around her waist..” and with her blue jeans a little tight around her butt…rockin’ the beer gut”  In this day and age of anything goes…why not be proud of what you got? I have been invited to be in this video when it is filmed…and I can tell you this…its NOT because I was a skinny girl with a perfect body.

The tale of two Taylors…

Monday, May 18th, 2009

It was for sure a “Taylor made” friday….Well sometimes I get lonely…and thats a hard thing to say…

I still am not “over” interviewing him last friday. And YES I know that he is just a regular person…yet noone has ever had this effect on me. I think the interview went pretty well..considering my “dork” factor was in full effect. I had all of these pre-conceived feelings about him and after meeting him they were all confirmed.

He is a very handsome, charming, funny man. I LOVE giving..and The Ray Charles doll was alot of fun to give to him…I heard he had lost his and thru a wonderful listener I was able to give him another one, One that he said he is going to take on the road with him….he was so nice and genuine. I asked alot of questions that I wanted to know…and he seemed good with awnsering all my questions. If you go to under station stuff you will find the video for this interview…I think it is worth watching. He gave me his harmonica and wrote on an autographed pic of him “fan for life”..he also gave me his private email. Which from what I am to understand from his HUGE fan base..he never does any of these things….interesting.

Taylor Hicks should have been in country music all along…but dont get me started. He is a wonderful addition to our format and I believe with time will go pretty far in THIS format.

As for the OTHER Taylor….as in SWIFT that I met on friday night backstage…um really nice girl..very grounded and lovely….but NOTHING compared to the first Taylor. ….

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