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Ritz crackers and Sushi

So as many of you may know I went to Vegas for my first time (and my last)..for The ACM show and all the fun that goes along with that. I was invited to a dinner with Jimmy Wayne at a sushi place in the MGM. I am NOT a lover of Sushi…but I AM a lover of Jimmy I thought “Lets DO THIS!”

My self and about 13 other radio people from all over the country were there along with Jimmy wayne and as life would have it I sat right across from Jimmy.  He sang looooola la la la la lola for most of the dinner, and it seemed to take forever til SOME type of food..if you can call it that finally came. Now I am not overweight by accident…I LOVE me some REAL food. So everyone else is eating this kind of wierd stuff and that kinda wierd stuff (squid) and I said to hell with THIS. I remembered (light bulb moment) that in my purse was a snack bag of Ritz crackers from the flight to Vegas. Now normally this would not be the “right” or proper thing to do at a nice dinner…BUT in staying with my true character (which is not always I whipped those Ritz crackers out and proudly ate them in front of the entire table..didnt hide any of it. My guest says to me afterwards..”I cannot believe you did that!” All I said was “believe it.” Now ten years ago I would have never done this for fear of what people might think…but when you hit your forties…TO HECK WITH ALL OF least thats how I feel. So the next day one of the big-wig record people come up and said “I loved it that you ate those crackers at dinner and when you left there were three ladies that commented that they were about to jump across that table and wrestle you for those crackers”… I guess my “moral” of this story is BE YOURSELF and dont ever let others dictate WHO you SHOULD be. Love you all your cracker jack Lola

4 Responses to “Ritz crackers and Sushi”

  1. Debbie Samargis Says:

    I love this Lola, you sound so much like me!!! You go Girl!!!!


  2. Jaretta Osborne Says:

    Now that’s the Lola we all know and love. You wild and wacky thing you.

  3. Kathryn Pizzo Says:

    I just heard you for the first time this morning on the radio, just channel surfing. I’d like to get a transcript of your piece on moms and your wish for your daughter. How come there is no way to get this on the website? How come there is no way to email general comments to the station? The website has lots of ways to improve!!!!

  4. kerri Says:


    Will you please post the letter you read on the air today about the woman talking about her daughter wanting a child. It was so good and it is so true.

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