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When all else fails…laugh

“They” say laughter is the best medicine…and I have to agree. Death is the final show of all shows..the last bow before the curtain closes. What you do on that stage before that moment speaks volumes about who you were.

My husband is in a better without pain or without judgements…I believe that God IS love. And we have many roads to travel in this life and beyond. Dear God, may I lift everyone around me into a state of love and laughter and may my soul today touch yours and know yours has so many times touched mine. It is NOT about the destination…its all about the ride. Love you all.


5 Responses to “When all else fails…laugh”

  1. gail Says:

    You and your family are in my prayers .May your friends and family support you in this grave time.

  2. Jeannie Says:

    Hang in there…this is one of those “only one footprint in the sand” moments. God will carry you. One good thing already has come out of all of this mess…I’ve gained a new friend and a new nephew.

  3. Susan Says:

    We are all praying for you and your family. Hang in there. I look forward to hearing your uplifting voice on the Wolf. You make my afternoons cheery! This Big Hug is for you!

  4. Barbie Says:

    What a beautiful woman you are!!! I broke my neck in a work accident and while I’m at home I listen to you guys and you truelly truelly inspire me. Your babe will make this one. Keep believing Lola!

  5. Connie Says:

    I am extremely sorry to hear about your husband. We lost my youngest sons Father to brain cancer nearly 3 years ago. It is so terribly painful to watch them suffer. My heart truly goes out to you and your son. My prayers are with you. Even though we weren’t married, we shared something very special for a lot of years. It is especially hard on the children. He left behind 4 sons from age 15 ( ours ) to 30. It is so hard. It will get better Lola, but it takes time and they stay in your heart forever. Thoughts and prayers to you and your Jordan from my Jordan and myself.

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