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its gonna be a great week!

Hello everyone!

I am at home this sunday morning and am so thankful my son is home safe from Florida. Thank God. This next week holds many suprises and excitement I can FEEL it! I get to see Brad Paisley again after 8-9 years. I cant wait to give him a big hug and tell him in person how completely proud of him I am. I love it that he is the sane level person that he has always been…sometimes stars lose that, cause of all the fame, but not Brad Paisley. I also get to meet Dierks and there are some OTHER suprises in the works….but that is ALL I can say right now.

Let me just say this….I dont think The Tacoma Dome has ever seen this much fun in one event…maybe I am speaking out of turn…but I dont think so.

ps. I DO NOT REALLY have a parole officer. the worst thing on my record is a speeding ticket from 1997.

But my boss has a strange sense of humor (good) and so thats why it says that in the Taylor Swift promo.


One Response to “its gonna be a great week!”

  1. Lisa T/ Renton,WA Says:

    Lola (Granola),
    Hey lady! It was Wonderful getting to meet you@ the Varsity on Saturday 2-28-09!! Both my hubby & I were excited to meet the gal that’s made country radio more upbeat in Seattle. Thanks for expanding the playlist @ The Wolf; don’t forget to keep looking for great music to play. When we get it figured out how to E-mail some of the great pics of Brad Paisley, we’ll do our best to get ’em to you. LOL!
    P.S. Lola, you & the family are now on the prayer chain@our church,as I promised on Saturday. Stay strong, Lady! We know it’s not easy dealing with the big “C”, we made it through three of four parents having it. You are loved; just remember the big hugs we gave you on Saturday (it helps sometimes).
    Love ya!

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