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baby….its cold outside..

So I am sitting here at my desk…on a sunday…yep..a sunday. 16th floor looking out over downtown Seattle, the spaceneedle…The Roosevelt hotel…all blanketed in snow. Lady Antebellum is on my computer singing the classic song “Baby its cold ouside” I even have a cup of hot chocolate. I could be upset that I am unable to be at home with my family in Magnolia, and that I am here at work….but I am not upset. It is actually kind of neat and exciting.  The entire city has shut down except for the hotels and just one or two crazy people out “trying” to drive in it. I heard on the news and from several locals that this is an oddity and that the last time there was this much snow was about 21 years ago. I have been here a month, and have never really lived in this extreme of a climate…I like it. Alot. It is starting to snow again and looking out at the sound…it is invisible in the white out.

I love it here.

Thanks for making me feel welcome instantly. Our Wolf listeners are unreal. Well, it is time to bundle up and go back to my hotel. Perhaps I will watch a movie that I seem to never take time for…always is so busy. The snow slows us down from life robbing you of time that you can never get back..with those who are the most important..our friends and family.

Merry Christmas to all! And thank GOD for the snow.

9 Responses to “baby….its cold outside..”

  1. sista friend Says:

    Lola…welcome to Seattle! You rock girlfriend.

  2. sami Says:

    Sometimes you need a change in your life and I think many people would have been liked to be in your shoes is Seattle where you can just sit back and relax, enjoy cup of hot chocolate, watch a movie, see the snow falling. Great.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Lola – you sound awesome. Love listening to you – welcome to this wonderful part of the country.


  4. Michelle McCarthy Says:

    Lola, I think your fantastic! I love you on the air and all that you do! The only thing I don’t like about you is that you make it hard to work! I want to listen to you instead of working at my desk! Especially your thoughts of the day! Great stuff, welcome to Seattle and hope you stay for a LONG LONG TIME!

    The station finally has a great line up of people, Fits, you and Lobo!

    You talked about your myspace and facebook. I’m in both, find me!

  5. Donna Ehlers Says:

    I am so glad you came to join the gang at the Wolf in Seattle.
    I love listening from morning to night.

    Welcome to Seattle and I hope you stay for a long time.

    I would love to join your friends list on facebook but can not find you can you give me your address again?


  6. Susie Says:

    Lola, you are great! I just read your bloggy thing and now I have a face with the name your adorable by the way. I love that you are into antiques as am I. I would love to see your house someday. Do you still own or run the coffe shop? What kind of things do you collect I like rustic not glassware stuff. I also collect goat items, weird but I have goats and just love them, and you don’t see many goat things so its fun.
    Have a great one glad your in the pack

  7. Dawn Juhl Says:

    Hey Lola! I have to just say I am so excited to see how much we have in common! I saw what you put as your first concert and got so excited! My family is all from Arkansas (my mother’s). We had those very same jam sessions in our kitchen, and had 8 track tapes of them. Aunts and Uncles came from miles around and played and sang all night long, it was an incredible thing to see! Welcome to Seattle, I hope you LOVE it here!

  8. Linda Says:

    Lola, You are missed here in SF. I’ve told you before, mornings were best when you and the guys. I wish you all the best in your new gig.

  9. Kelly, Stockton, ca Says:

    Hey Lola,

    Its Kelly, remember I used to come over to your house, by the coffee shop, its changed hands twice since you left, first a donut shop, then now its a used furniture store, not doing well though, looks like junk… I am so glad Marie told me about this site, she said to watch the video, you go girl….lol…well i have not seen you in a long time and am so sorry to hear about Rick, but he is not suffering no more anyway, you will be ok, one day at a time…….I listened to your Moment with Lola, the one with Jason Aldean and the cab driver, I cried….Well I will keep watching from the computer and listening to catch u on air…Your a nut, your good at what you love to do….Cat country lost out when u left…You can email me and I will email you back, would like to talk to you, but dont want to post cell number on here. I am so glad your doing good for you and your son, I bet he is big now…..Ok, take care and hope to hear from you soon…………..Kelly

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