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obsessive compulsive

Ok….so every time I say something, I end it with dot com.

What is mental illness? Einstein was so smart…and yet so ignorant in the simplest of common sense. I have ocd that would make the show on tv “Monk” normal. It used to be so bad that it would wake me in the middle of the night…maybe a rug had some fuzz on it or the strings at each end of the rug  had to be perfectly straight. No crumbs on the counter, everything had a place…and a bit hesitant in admitting that yes, I HAVE vacuumed the lawn…with a real vacuum cause I thought it would look “cleaner”…cuckoo…cuckoo…..can you say “Lola has some issues?”  So through many taxing months of therapy I have gained a new prospective on myself. I have learned that not everything has to be perfect at all times. Yes it IS okay if you wake up late , not to make your bed ..etc. I have learned thru this trial with my husbands cancer that guess what? i am stronger than I ever knew or gave myself credit for. I have learned to love ME..what a

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