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Be careful what you wish for my friend

So..we are what we think…right? We “create” our own destiny..right?

It was the summer of 2005. Myself and my husband and son were converting a lumber mill into an internet cafe’. Our entire world was full tilt boogie on doing all the contruction ourselves to “save” money. So we were married to this project…I was so focused on the coffee shop that I hadnt been grocery shopping in a long time (about 2 months)..we were eating on the run, instead of sitting down at the dinner table, like normal folks. So one day I stop by the local gas station to grab a hotdog and head back to our home.

Soon as I walked in the door, I realized that in my rush that I had forgotten to put mustard on my hotdog! So I went to our cupboards…then to our refrigerator…NO MUSTARD! I yelled at the top of my lungs (hormonal imbalance) “Even homeless people have mustard!!!!” Then collapsed into tears and took a nap.

And in a moment I will NEVER forget,  I woke up the next morning and went out to get the paper. Standing on my welcome mat outside the front door were 7 bottles of Frenches mustard standing like little soldiers at my front door. I lived on a big corner lot with no immediate neighbors. So noone could have heard me yelling..and noone has ever said to me…”Hey did you get the mustard I dropped off?”

7 bottles lined up at my front door…no joke. Visualization IS VERY POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Be  careful what you wish for my friend

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