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So on Saturday I woke up and it was drizzleing and I heard THUNDER! It was the greatest sound! I love sleeping when it’s raining. The sound of the water hitting the window is so “womb like” that I am sure that’s why it’s so relaxing. And even though I have probabley bought like 3 noise machines with “rain falling” sound affects that it never sounds quite as good as the real thing.

Sunday, Brandon and I were surprised by an awesome baby shower thrown by our dear friends. It was amazing. Baby Boy got a TON of amazing things…he is set up for reals! B and I felt so blessed!

My mother in law was in town this weekend for the shower too. She brought her beast of a sewing machine to sew all sorts of diapers, and burp clothes, and blankets…it was GREAT! She also helped make some meals to freeze so we can eat them after the baby is born. Wonderful!

We are getting down to the wire and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all the emails and comments and texts of encouragement. A lot of people have asked. Yes, I am taking some time off, yes there will be a replacement for a bit. But I will be back…

MUCH love,


and this isn’t my last post…I will keep blogging up till the birth and beyond, that is, if people care to read this. lol.

Things a man would never know about being pregnant phase 4

 Jason and Gavin were wondering about where all the weight comes from when you are pregnant because a baby only weighs an average of 8 pounds…well they had NO idea what ELSE is going into making that baby….

Where Does the Extra Weight Go During Pregnancy?


8 pounds


2-3 pounds

Amniotic fluid

2-3 pounds

Breast tissue

2-3 pounds

Blood supply

4 pounds

Fat stores for delivery and breastfeeding

5-9 pounds

Uterus increase

2-5 pounds


25 to 35 pounds

let’s smile!

Ok so if you are in the first, second or THIRD trimester why not truly enjoy it!? I mean come on a lot of us have been wanting this for a long time, while some of us were completely in shock – either way our vibes and thoughts effect the baby so lets give them some happy vibes to swim around in, ok? Here’s how to ENJOY your pregnancy regardless of which stage of the game you are in.

  1. Record your thoughts. Whether good or bad, record what you are feeling throughout your pregnancy. Refer back often to see how things have changed.
  2. Step2

    Find something you love about being pregnant and focus on that. In the first trimester it might be the newness and excitement of what’s to come. The second trimester might change to not being sick and actually enjoying the cute bump you have or feeling the baby move. The third trimester is more difficult as you are more and more uncomfortable. However, you might focus on the baby move, the cravings or how this is the only time your belly will be firm and not flabby for a while(or longer!) Just pick something to enjoy and focus your energy on that and not the unpleasant stuff.

  3. Step3

    Pamper yourself. Have a pedicure or manicure often. Take warm baths and relax, unless otherwise directed by your physician. Have a pregnancy massage. Have your hair done. Find other pregnant woman and have a girls day out where you are NOT allowed to discuss anything other than positive thoughts. (although you should be able to be free to discuss fears as well if everyone agrees, just no complaining!)

  4. Step4

    Take many pictures throughout your pregnancy. Record your belly growth and any other information you may soon forget. You might want to write down what you are craving each week or month, what makes you sick or what throws you into tears. Hormones will through your system into a frenzy, so write down everything to read later.

  5. Step5

    Make a scrapbook of your pregnancy to show your baby later. You don’t want your child thinking they were the worst thing to happen to you, so focusing on the positive will allow you to enjoy the pregnancy and enjoy watching your child look through the book later.

    I hope this helped you . Some of the things I was already doing and some of the things were great reminders! Much love and stay positive.


fall mode

even though its like hot as butt outside. I am still obsessed with Fall! AUTUMN where are you!? I remember last year B and I went to all the haunted houses in the area..that was a blast. BUT this year that prolly be a “no-go” since we will be waiting on baby boy, or possibly he will already be here. ANYWAY I am walking around Target (getting thank you cards!!!!) and this prego woman walks in front of me and I then walk in front of her husband and he goes “wow everyone is pregnant these days!” And I seriously feel like that is so true. Ya know when you buy a car and then you notice that brand of car everywhere you go? Anyone else do that?

Honestly when that guy said that I wanted to turn around and say “um I am not pregnant” just to throw him off his game and to make him feel bad…lol. But I didn’t. I refrained. Something I thought of while walking the aisles of Target. Why are all fall candels always red and orange…why can’t something BLUE smell like autumn? Blue always smells like “linen” or ‘sea breeze” or something blue-ish. That bugs me because Blue is my favorite color and I don’t really have a ton or RED going on…but I guess there are bigger things to worry about right?!

SOOOOOOOO my mother in law is coming into town and she and I are gonna get things ready for AFTER the birth. I bought this book today “Cook for a day Eat for a Month” I am hoping to make a bunch of meals to freeze that I can eat when I don’t feel like cooking.  Lets hope they work out. NOW…will I really be making a  MONTHS worth of food…that seems like QUITE the undertaking. RIGHT?!

I will let ya know how it goes…

much love

what a week

By now the drama has died down but everyone was texting me and leaving me voice-mails (I turn my phone off when I am on vacation) but I heard an EAR-FULL when I did listen to them. So you know we aren’t going anywhere, the station or the show. phew!

Vacation was great though, my sister and my mom threw me a baby shower. It was a great way to see family and friends. I love my family and it was so nice to see everyone. They thought of EVERYTHING! It was strange lugging a suitcase back with ONLY baby stuff in it. I mean those little guys need A LOT of stuff!!!! But I guess once you have it you can just keep using it for the next kid…if there is one. lol.

Speaking of strange is this show on MTV called “16 and Pregnant” they are having a marathon today and since I am catching up on laundry and emails and stuff I am watching it. My heart goes out to ANYONE who has to be 16 and pregnant. What is even MORE infuriating is the GUYS that these girls have as boyfriends! I mean what a waste of men! They are useless. Either they don’t contribute to their kids lives or they are complete asses wasting money on 500$ play stations. I would kick their sorry asses to the curb. And I do mean KICK. I played soccer for 10+ years…there would be some kicking going down. ha! If anyone reading this is in that situation, you don’t have to stay there. You are in charge of your destiny. You can be whatever you want. Regardless if you are young, single and pregnant.

I am not trying to sound like I am on a soap box or anything but that show really did make me sad for those girls…and any women in that situation. ok. I am done.

much love and here’s to a great week!


Sweetest Thing

Ok so I am at the office when I get called to “get something” at the front desk. I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want it to be some giant mascot that was gonna try to hug me. I hate mascots! Anyway it WASN’T a mascot- it was a huge “Coochie Coo Cake!” Christina from “Pregnancy Journey”, in Natomas brought one over! You’ve seen those giant diaper cakes people give at showers, well this is specifically for the MOM! How freaking great! It’s got towels, slippers, toothbrush, all natural toothpaste and other natural toiletries, plus a whole slew of pads for when after the babies born. Oh yeah! It even comes with WINE- haven’t had that in a LONG time. I mean it’s just so thoughtful and such a wonderful thing to surprise someone with that anyone who receives one will be thrilled. Check out their shop at
I will post a pic as soon as I get home! You gotta see this thing.

side note: ok so I brought home my coochie coo cake and dismantled it…I was so excited I showed my husband who looked at it with one eye brow up when I told him the name- but I forgot to take the picture!!!! gosh my pregnancy brain is outrageous right now!


So we had our last ultrasound session today! Got to see baby boy – looking so chubby and cute! He was sucking his thumb, in a folded-hands-prayer-position, and then he gave me a little smile towards the end! I mean come on, is that a perfect way to end the session or what?! Cindy, who runs Invision Ultrasound in Folsom- is a freaking champ at getting babies to “look” at the camera and the pictures and dvd are so clear! I would suggest anyone having a baby whether it’s your first or 5th to check this place out, it makes the experience of pregnancy much more REAL! Check it out at .

Afterwards I was feeling so dreamy and happy so I decided to hit up the salon for a pedicure. My friend Michelle gave me a gift card for one at Bellagio Nail Salon in Roseville (right next to where the Home Depot Expo used to be) Anyway that is great place to get your feet done. I was drooling by the end of it because I was so relaxed! And my feet look HAWT- Or rather, much better! Afterwards I headed on over to Sonic cus this mama was THIRSTY and all I could think of was a cranberry limeade. YUM! so refreshing!  I LOVE summer and all, but I am really looking forward to FALL! Love to break out my Uggs, and sweaters and oh, THIS BABY!!!! lol. He only has a little bit longer to cook…

Tomorrow is my Friday since I am heading out of town for Vacation…and boy do I need one (even though it sounds like I started mine early)

MUCH LOVE and go enjoy the State Fair (food)


EYE for beauty

Ok so despite if you are a mama, or a expectant mother, or hell- you are just chillin with no babies YOU still gotta look fine! Am I right or am I right? Ok so I am home watching the real housewives of Atlanta…love those ladies! And there are about 54 million mascara commercials on! Rhianna is pushing one with glitter flecks in it and then some other brand of mascara is a vibrating wand. Is anyone using these? I bet they are like 11 dollars compared to the designer ones at the store for 25$ or higher- so I am gonna have to make a trip to Walgreens and give these new ones a whirl.

Ok so lets talk more about make up. Are you for or against wearing make up in the delivery room? Here are a few tips from Diva Makeup Tips
Waterproof Mascara – Those tears of joy will come when they place that beautiful newborn in your arms, so you want to be ready.

Cream-Based Eye Shadow – This also needs to be waterproof, and usually won’t budge until you remove it with makeup remover. Choose a soft bronze shade because it will add warmth and color to the eye area without looking overdone. Stick with just one color.

Waterproof Eyeliner – Just a little on the top lash line for definition. You want your eyes to show up in all the pictures everyone is going to take of you with the baby.

Cheek/lip Stain – This is great on lips too for a radiant Mom glow, even when you have been pushing for hours and there is still no baby!

Your Favorite Lip Balm – Because your lips get so dry during labor, it’s the one thing you should keep next to your hospital bed.

Forget the Foundation – It’s just going to rub off when you lay your face down on the pillow to rest or labor during contractions. Labor just isn’t pretty, but at least you will be!


This weekend was a blur! I mean just totally escaped me and before I knew it – my alarm was going off at 4:15 a.m. on Monday and I was dragging my happy ass to the studio. I use the word Happy lightly. Only because when you are pregnant you aren’t just taking care of yourself. There’s breakfast, and packing snacks and those freaking vitamins and of course you have to cover that baby bump. I don’t think Jason and Gavin would care if I did the show in a nightgown but come on. Plus I would have to find a nightgown since I don’t own one. (Nor do I ever want too…*shudder*!) Anyway as much as I hate when people complain I am about too do that.
I am walking into Raleys to get like everything I see to eat (no joke I spent like triple the money I have ever at the grocery store today because of all the sales and good food that looked AMAZING!) anyway so I am on the phone with my sister and we are in this deep conversation (ya know, I like to save all my deep conversations for when I am in public and strangers can over hear me..jk..) anyway this lady standing outside the Raleys selling chocolate bars so her kids can go to Disney Land I think is what she said, and she asks for some money as a donation or to buy these rocking chocolate bars- but HELLO! I am on the freaking phone. Then she proceeds to ask me how far along I am AND to tell me how she thinks I am having a girl. UGH! Come on people. I am on the phone first of all you can see that and secondly I am not having a girl…thirdly I AM ON THE FREAKING PHONE! Not that I was talking to president Obama or anything, but to bother someone about chocolate bars when they are ENTERING the store is ridiculous. I mean I gotta come out sometime maybe you can ask me when I am exiting…sheesh.
Ok so enough about that. Sorry had to get that off my chest. So I have to admit I gave some wrong info out the last time we did “Five things a man would never know about being pregnant” I said the option of Loofahing your nips might be a good idea since my friend recently had her baby and said that breastfeeding hurts like a mofo. OK that wasn’t advice given to me that was just something she suggested to get the gals ready for a lot of work. SOOOOO Of course I got calls on the matter. BUT one of them was a Lactation Consultant from the area. So Emily, is her name, and she will be on the show tomorrow telling us how to make the most out of our breasts…or at least to give it a try. That happens at 8:30. Also Gavin wants to be milked (strange, I know) but she is gonna put the breast pump on him too. LOL!
And if you are a big fan of Real Housewives of HOT-lanta! On Bravo then be listening around 6:50 cus NeNe is gonna be chatting us up. Can’t wait to ask her all my questions!!!! Do you have any? Email me or comment.
much love and thanks for checking out the blog.


It’s been a hot minute since I got to write lately. We spent the weekend with friends out of town and then Monday was HEC-tic for me…so it’s good to sit down and connect again.
Well I am seriously grateful for the input on the nursery! To everyone who emailed and commented THANK YOU! I seriously like all the colors schemes so I don’t have a problem with any of them “winning”.
So what’s new!? I just read this article about how morning sickness means you will have a smart, “with it” baby. INTERESTING! It was a recent study that was done that made doctors come to this conclusion. I would post a link but I think you have to be a member of that site…and that wouldn’t be very helpful.
Moving on, third trimester is a TRIP! It seriously tuckers you out for reals! It’s about as tiring as the first trimester. I seriously came home today, ate my lunch, cleaned up a little, and slept till 5:30! And I am STILL groggy. I am still exercising and walking and lifting weights – those are the things I CAN do…Things I can’t do, spring out of bed (its more of a roll onto the ground) tie shoes bent over (but it’s summer so who cares) lay on my stomach (no way!) eat a ton of food. Yep I know that last one might sound alarming but it’s so true! I used to be able to put away the food – I LOVE TO EAT! But now there is soooo much LESS room that I eat a bit and then I am so full I feel like a beached whale (and prolly look like one too…just saying)
Is anyone in “Nesting Mode” I am supposed to feel like I want to nest, but that hasn’t kicked in. Hence the fact that the nursery isn’t painted or assembled and the wall is still HOT pink. I am hoping that starts up eventually. But till then you can still send me your thoughts, if you haven’t already, about the color scheme…I love to hear from one and all.
ok I might not be able to fit a lot in, but this gal is HUNGRY.
Much love and have a great week! Enjoy the rest of the summer to the FULLEST!