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I have been lazy about my blog, haven’t I!
So I hosting an event at Suede Blue in Roseville tomorrow for Dr. Rasi – my dentist where I get my Invisaline – so fun and such good food.
Anyway so today I went out to get something to wear to the event. I am not mentioning WHERE – but I could not have been MORE annoyed with the sales girl there. I usually get a long really well with sales people and this woman wasn’t rude, she was just USELESS! I am a hands on person when it comes to shopping. I like the sales person to bring me clothing they think would be good or help me with sizes…the worse thing is having to puddleduck around the store in a clothes that don’t fit while you track down a larger/smaller size shirt. ya know?! Well this chick didn’t DO anything. She just sat at her register looking at her emails. Finally I just got dressed and left…why waste my time with that place? But I tell my sister what I am doing and she tells me she’s complete opposite. She likes sales people to leave her alone. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone and she doesn’t want their opinion of what she looks like in the clothes. I just can’t understand why you WOULDN’T??!?! But it made me think…are you a vocal hands on shopper who loves the help or someone who just wants to be left alone?
I did finally find a GREAT shirt that I can wear now and after baby is born I will say this- I got that at S.W.A.K. at the Fountains in Roseville. (Very helpful in there- let me tell you!)
Afterward I went to Whole Foods to get something to eat and drink. If you haven’t tried the coconut water you need too. It’s so refreshing and has so many electrolytes it’s so good for you and I am sure your baby will love it! I got the Mango flavored and the Passion fruit. YUM!
Hope you are doing really good and much love to all the mamas- I know there are a few of you giving birth in August so GOOD LUCK Ladies!


So I came home from work and I had a package on my porch – it was from my sister, and it was like 10 seedlings of all sorts of vegetables. Might sound like a strange gift but they were all organic and from a local farmer so all I had to do was plant them and then reap the harvest. Tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and lots of herbs- it was fantastic and so great of my sis to give me such a great birthday present. (oh yeah we have the same birthday – even thought we are born 4 years apart)
So then I go to Dr. Ronald Rasi’s office. I actually love going there. I have said that before but it’s so true. Everyone there is so sweet and funny and just great. So I got some new trays for my Invisaligne and get this, I am already on tray 8- I feel like my teeth are more loose since I got pregs and these “braces” are keeping them in check! click here for all the info on Dr. Ronald Rasi!
Anyway so I leave there and go to OSH to get some plant stuff like compost and soil and all sorts of fun things like that. I take it home and honestly I felt like I had no idea what to do. So I googled how to plant these items and wa-la they look great! Lets just hope they grow grow grow!
Later I made some ya ya yum steak on the grill and had a salad. Did you know pregnant girls need to have 60 grams of protein a day! Yikes! That sounds like a lot cus it is! Honestly though, space is getting more and more cramped in there (belly) and I feel like I can’t eat as much as I should.
Oh and one last thing this will make me look like a hippie for sure but these rattles are so cool
wooden rattle
So they aren’t the normal plastic colorful rattles you see at stores but at least you know it can’t hurt your kid – it’s made of a tree! lol.
what items do you love? what websites have great babies stuff. Email me or comment!

This blog is about to change

I know there have been a real lacks between posts, and all i can say is “my bad”. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and I will get into that later.

so glad spring is finally here. Although as I type this the rain is falling down on the window, but it SMELLS like spring so that is a step in the right direction right?

What TV is everyone enjoying right now? I am super into the housewives of New York City AND the new jersey housewives are heading to Bravo too. I can’t wait till they bring back Project Runway…I need my Heidi Klum and Micheal Kors fix- stat!

Tried a new product the other day – just bought it on a whim and it seems to be working. Clarins Self Bronzing Tint. AWESOME. super easy to apply and doesn’t smell…It’s nice to have a subtle glow without laying out. check it out
Anyway I will be back to talk more soon. Love hearing from you – either in the comments OR!


holy cow

with the greatest weather EVER last week I neglected my blog a ton so I am back! glad that peeps are checking it out and thanks for the emails and comments and texts as always I seriously think the wake up call has the best listeners. So attentive and fun and just down right hilarious!

Ok instead of back tracking and saying all kinds of updates I will just start with what is going down today/tonight! Lets start by saying I just wanted to chill today and last night. Do you ever get like that? Like you just wanna lay on the couch with your dog or cat or favorite other person, or alone…and just veg! well that was me last night. I came home from work put on my favorite sweats from Victoria’s Secrets PINK line and made some warm soup! I sound so awesome huh? lol. oh well. My husband and I watched a movie and went to bed early.

So tonight my boss, Dan Mason, (he also does the show right after ours btw) is in a play downtown called the “wild party”. It’s getting great reviews from the Sac Bee and so me, Brandon, Chris k and his wife Janelle are heading to Riverside Clubhouse to eat and then going to the play to see our man, Dan kick ass in his new play. Hopefully it is tons of fun.

Monday I have another appointment with my dentist Dr. Rasi, I get new trays for the invisalign and that means I am one step closer to straighter teeth. I love going in there they are soooo nice! Call me crazy right? I actually like going to the dentist. My camera is being bitchy lately so I will leave you with a photo of Fridays show with comedian Ben Bailey. He is also the host of that show on discovery called “cash cab”. Ben told us all to make a crazy face and he was the only one who did it! I just can’t get over how concerned Jason is in this pic!

Have a great weekend!

much love


new teef!

at around noon today I was nestled in the long seat at Dr. Ronald Rasi’s office with him and his assistant Celeste peering into my mouth. Meanwhile smooth jazz was humming out of the speaker in the ceiling. I was trying to concentrate on ANYTHING to keep me from laughing. I didn’t want to shake violently and disrupt everything they were doing- so I did what I always do in those situations, thought about a boy fishing with his grandpa. ah. relief. works every time. SOOOOOooooo what were they doing as I was trying to keep from busting out in laughter? They were putting on my Invisalign braces! yep they attach these little invisible “knobs” to your teeth and then they slide the clear trays onto your grill. fits like a freaking GLOVE. in fact I wondered how I was gonna get them off to eat. but in no time I was eating my lunch with them off. SIMPLE! WHY didn’t they have these around when I was a kid? holy freaking cow…so much easier than normal rail road braces. LOVE THEM. I am gonna take a picture and post it but I bet you can’t even see them in the picture so it won’t matter.
I just love that crew over their – so freakin nice and easy to deal with. if you want to take a stroll over there I would suggest it because they offer free teeth whitening for life! you can’t beat that deal with a stick!
anyway I am heading over to Fats Asian Bistro tonight for my good friends, 30th birthday! how awesome! so I am starving and excited for tomorrow. FRIDAY!
have an awesome weekend!!!!

hating myspace

someone emailed me today telling me that they couldn’t leave a comment on the blog. strange I told my IT guy and he was looking into it. hm. anyway I never go on myspace anymore, I am much more of a facebook person, and I would say that I am not obsessed with that either. (back in the day I was OBSESSED with myspace) anyway I logged onto it today and it took FOR.EVER.ER. to LOAD. I eventually got so frustrated that I just turned it off. blah.

ok so tomorrow I am heading into dr. Rasi’s office for round three of Invisalign. The technology is amazing. it will show me the before and the AFTER pics on this screen tomorrow! how freaking cool is that?! so I know exactly how my teeth will turn out. If only I would have worn my retainers. tsk tsk.
Anyway how about you? anything you wish you could change about your looks. Don’t be shy. Anyone have any new years resolutions to change those things? If my comment box isn’t working you can always email me at

Teeth Volume 1

Holy Scary! I went into Dr. Rasi’s office for them to take photographs of my teeth so we can compare the progress as I do Invisalign (the clear braces). Any way I got my pictures back and I showed them to Gavin and Tall Skinny Matt who said they felt like they weren’t supposed to be looking at them because it’s such a crazy picture of something you don’t NORMALLY see on someone.

holy gums!ack! what a crazy view!
Isn’t that crazy? I thought so. Anyway the plan is that these teeth will be straighter by the end of my Invisalign journey. (That sounds so epic)
ok call Dr. Rasi if you want straight teeth or if you just want some good ol’ fashion teeth cleaning, or whitning! Just make sure you tell them I sent you their direction.