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5 things your mother in law won’t admit to you

My mother in law lives in Seattle and honestly there isn’t really anything she would NOT tell me if I asked. But either way I saw this article and thought it was interesting. My one friend gets along better with her mother in law better than her own mom. Do you get along with your mother in law?

1. He’ll treat you the same way he treats me. If your guy calls his mom every day, chances are he’s likely to check in with you just as much. But if a man forgets his mom’s birthday, don’t expect there to be many flowers and boxes of chocolate for you either. (Honestly I remember Brandons mom’s birthday way better than he does, but he would be a dead man if he forgot mine.)

2. I’m ready for you to have children even if you’re not. From the moment your man left home, she’s been craving the opportunity to hold a little baby and be a grandma. (THIS is totally true cus my mother in law loves being “grandma”…I think she likes it more than being parents to be honest with you!)
3. If you leave me alone in your house, I’m going to snoop. Bedrooms may be off limits but the kitchen is fair game. Don’t stock your fridge with frozen dinners unless you’re prepared to be judged. (My in-laws just stayed with us in March and I think they were more shocked by the LACK of food in the fridge! I usually only grocery shop for that days meals)

4. I care about your sex life. This has less to do with having a baby and more to do with the fact that good sex means a healthy marriage. She may not want to hear all the details but she cares about her boy’s happiness just as much as you do. (this shocked me)

5. He loves you more than me. You are the center of your man’s world right now. He put a rock on your finger that proves he’s yours. Your mother-in-law sees the way he looks at you and knows that deep down, he’s left her for good. (Yeah either Brandon loves me, or he just REALLY hated living in Seattle, he does always complain about the weather up there…lol)

wandering eyes

wandering eyes
According to a new study, people in committed relationships keep their eyes away from attractive members of the opposite sex without being aware they’re actually doing it.

Men and women who are genuinely committed to their partners quickly look away when their eyes encounter a beautiful member of the opposite sex and researchers found that people don’t even know they’re doing it.

The study involved college-aged men and women who were both single and in a committed relationship. In the study, they had words such like “sex” or “lust” flashed across a computer screen. They were then shown a series of faces — both good-looking and not.

Researchers found that the people in committed relationships quickly looked away from the beautiful faces.

(do you think this is a true blue way to see if your man is really faithful to you? I think it sounds like a lot of work in the long run following your mans eyes when you are out in public. RIGHT!?)
thought this was interesting
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so excited!

Valentines Day is almost here, and although i don’t really care about the holiday I am pretty pumped that it’s the weekend practically and its time to relax! Today we took calls about people doing unconventional things for V-day. My one friend and her husband spread out a blanket on thier living room floor and eat Panda Express take-out! My sister and her husband get one of those great big box of chocolates and eat them while watching TV after their 6 kids have gone to bed. I love non-tradional tradions ya know? What do you do?

Well ever since Sacramento Magazine put out the top places to get breakfast in Sac-town I have been drooling over the picture of eggs Benedict from Roxy’s Restaurant. So Brandon and I are doing our Valentines day early in the morning on Saturday…I am better with caffeine anyway:)

I am headed to the Park Ultra Lounge tonight so if you wanna join me I will be the one sipping club soda…(gotta get up tomorrow!) please stop by and say what’s up!!!!

much love