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So I went to see Britney Spears Saturday night at Arco. I had an amazing time. My husband Brandon went with me (big surprise he OFFERED!) anyway despite what Gavin and Tall Skinny Matt said I thought it was fun and she puts on a great show. At times I thought she was phoning in the dancing but over all I got to hear all my favs (except Lucky) Even Brandon was wowed by some of the inbetween Circus acts she had. Now that was outrageous!
Before the Britney show on Saturday Brandon and I set out to get my cars headlights fixed and walked (or drove away rather) in a new car. LOL. I love a new set of wheels- I think I am a sales persons dream! I went over to the Volks Wagon dealership in the Roseville Auto mall – Walt was our sales guy and he really got us a great deal – if you are in the market check em out!
Easter was a lot of fun this year Brandon and I went to church Sunday morning and then went over to some friends of ours house for some REALLY good eats. YUM. We pretty much hung out there all day and came home at night. It was a fun weekend and I can’t complain.
Hope yours was GREAT and aren’t you so stoked that Spring is FINALLY here!
much love

so excited!

Valentines Day is almost here, and although i don’t really care about the holiday I am pretty pumped that it’s the weekend practically and its time to relax! Today we took calls about people doing unconventional things for V-day. My one friend and her husband spread out a blanket on thier living room floor and eat Panda Express take-out! My sister and her husband get one of those great big box of chocolates and eat them while watching TV after their 6 kids have gone to bed. I love non-tradional tradions ya know? What do you do?

Well ever since Sacramento Magazine put out the top places to get breakfast in Sac-town I have been drooling over the picture of eggs Benedict from Roxy’s Restaurant. So Brandon and I are doing our Valentines day early in the morning on Saturday…I am better with caffeine anyway:)

I am headed to the Park Ultra Lounge tonight so if you wanna join me I will be the one sipping club soda…(gotta get up tomorrow!) please stop by and say what’s up!!!!

much love