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holy moly

Had my baby boy!!!! 4:09 am on October 30th. He’s freaking great! Brandon and I are totally stoked and love him to bits. I will post pics as soon as I get around to it! Much love and thanks for all the great emails! Any “new mom” advice send it my way

I won’t be back to the show for a bit but I am sure the boys are holding down the fort.

ok well gotta run! OH! baby’s name is Solomon- it means “peaceful”. Which is exactly what he is, oh but he’s feisty! AHHHH. In love!


still waiting!

You guys, I am so sorry that I haven’t updated in sooooooooooo long. I have been waiting and waiting for SOMETHING to happen so I decided to put off blogging about it.

Anyway I am not really that over due anyway…so my DR. is like “no big deal”. Honestly that is very reassuring because I feel like most doctors like to freak you the hec out about stuff.

Although I am not on the show and Katie is filling in for me- I have been keeping SO busy. Normally after the show I use the excuse “I am too tired” to get stuff done, but now I don’t have that excuse so I have too. And it’s not so bad…..

Anyway anyone looking for baby stuff, whether its last minute or whatever, do not forget craigslist. SERIOUSLY. Everytime I went to babies R us to get a swing – it was never there and you couldn’t get it online for some DUMB reason. WELL the one I wanted was waiting for me on craigslist on Saturday so I just called the chick up and met her and paid 70 dollars LESS then what it was going for in the store! And yes, it was brand new, never opened still in the box. She was getting rid of it because she got two at her baby shower and wanted cash for it and not store credit. PERFECT! Anyway it’s awesome and has all the bells and whistles (which normally I am not that kind of person) but I hear swings are a life saver with newborns so I had to get it…now all I need is a newborn. LOL.

MUCH LOVE for all the emails and comments – you guys pretty much rock in my book.


still alive and pregnant~(lots of rambling ahead!)

Today was great. For one I got a lot of stuff done. Last night Brandon showed his art downtown at Second Saturday. That was fun to get out of the house and watch other people sip wine. LOL. I actually had some kick ass frozen yogurt at the place on 20 and L I think that’s the street. Anyway so today was good. I got to sleep in and then I made B take me out for Eggplant Parmesan. My sister said it’s an old wives tale that says that is what causes people to go into labor. Truth be told I was just starving and would have eaten a boot at that point. And who doesn’t like the Olive Garden – not for fine dining but just for good old fashioned tasty food…and a lot of it!!!!

Afterwords I went food shopping to stock up on what else, food! Although I wrote out a list in my BlackBerry I forget to read it and thus, forgetting half the things I need.

Tomorrow morning I won’t be on the show. WEIRD! For the first time in like 6 years I have not had to dvr Desperate Housewives and get to bed early. What will be even more weird is not waking up at the crack of dawn to go on the air. But the boys, Jason and Gavin, are still doing the show so it will still be highly entertaining (they hope!)

So as far as baby stuff goes I just steamed all the bottles, nuks, and other “suckage” items. lol. Prolly not the best name for it huh. Anyway that’s all done and I am ready to go watch a new episode of Simpsons before Desperate Housewives. I think it’s a great season so far, despite what Entertainment Weekly says, (they gave it two stars…poo!) Anyway thanks for all the kind words about my last preggo pic…you guys are so sweet.



Not long now!

So we have less than two weeks! Of course I know, I could go over. I am totally aware of that. And everyone from my Doctor to Bill Bellamy (who was on the show on Friday) told me this.

I am just excited that’s all. But actually like I have said before, this part of parenting is super easy. I mean the babies fed, changed, and asleep all without me even doing anything – it’s pretty radical.

Last night B and I rented the movie “Away we Go” with Jim from the Office. It was so funny and really good. Anyone whose pregnant should totally see this! It’s not a sad one like Juno was…boy did that get the water works flowing!

Short post because I have a TON of stuff to get done before I leave (temporarily) on Friday.

mama to be!

mama to be!

Here is the latest prego pic that was taken by a dear friend and awesome photographer Stephen, he is the photographer for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger- so needless to say he can make anyone look steller. lol.

As soon as the nursery is all set up I will post some pics of that too…

much love!



Although I have heard time and time again about “nesting” I really am not doing much of it. UNLESS you call the pillows encircling me as we type “nesting” cus then I am all about it. No joke. We have 8 pillows on our bed that is 6 more than what we usually use. I am not talking cute, square decorative pillows I am talking about long, prop you up pillows . I have a two dividing the bed B on one side me one the other I have one toward the bottom so that I can seperate my knees and then I have 3 more under my head. Did you do the math…that leaves one for Brandon. Oh well he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s gotten used to the pillows, the potty breaks, the cool temps (69 degrees anyone!?) the box fan BLARING all night long – he is the definition of “trooper.” I want to give HIM a gift for all he’s put up with – but then I remember – oh yeah I am the one pushing a baby out…I would say thats a big enough gift in itself. Here, Brandon- here’s a kid…take care of it for 18+ years. THANKS. *thumbs up*

Actually speaking of nesting. Gavin has offered to help us get things squared away at our house. And when I say “offer” I mean he through the obligatory “let me know if there’s anything thing you guys need” and I am SOOOOO taking him up on that offer. Of course I will make him dinner and supply the drinks- he just has to help Brandon move about 1000 pounds of office furniture out of the office and switch it into a guest bedroom. SiMPLE! right?! we shall see.

Till then tomorrow is Thursday (still haven’t gotten that moo-moo to wear- gotta put that on the my “to-do” list.) And I am on the hunt for a great rocking chair, one that reclines…so I can sleep and rock the babe at the same time…preferably leather….and not too large…anyone seen anything like that? And no, not a wooden glider with wooden arms… I have seen those, but they aren’t my bag.

thanks for checking in!



I have gotten a lot of emails from listeners asking what will go down after I leave on Maternity leave which, truth be told isn’t long from now. Well in case you were worried that it would just be Jason and Gavin holding down the fort- don’t be. There is a myriad of lovely ladies, some you know of, that will be filling in for me! It’s gonna be great and they will (Hopefully) keep those boys in check. Gotta represent right! lol.

So this weekend was MUCH needed. Everyone tells me to “sleep in now because once the baby is born you won’t be able too” Honestly, folks, I get up everyday at 4:15 a.m. sleeping in isn’t something I have grown accustomed too in the last 6 years on the air. Ha! BUT just so you know I do listen when I am given advice- I love advice. (I might be the only one) but I have been trying to sleep and lounge as much as possible. In fact, I feel like I am chained to my bed. (not in a kinky way mind you!!!!!) lol. Trying to read and study about whats about to happen. A (guy) co-worker of mine told me that for the first baby most people roll out the red carpet and read up and do birth classes and the whole nine yards BUT by the time they get to the 3rd baby it’s old hat. SOO I am taking this time to do just that. Take it all in. ah. wonderful. lol.

Has anyone watched the DVD Dunston Baby Language it’s really cool. My husband and I watched it this morning. If you are a first time mom or even second or third – it really gives you an inside look to what your baby is “saying” when it cries. And if you don’t take my word on it- it was featured on Oprah- so that means something right?!

So something I am looking forward tonight is DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES! It started out amazing, got weird and boring, then last season REALLY took off! So I am anxious to see what is gonna happen!

Sorry this is such a mixed bag of a blog but I wanted to share a few things! MUCH LOVE and talk to you on the air tomorrow morning!


It’s Bananas!

Thank you one and all for the comments and all the emails that were sent about “not stressin” I needed to hear that. Is all the stuff still in the Living room? Yes, BUT for what it’s worth it’s not the living room we use to watch TV and by the end of next week I should have things situated! But lets talk about food. Although it’s hard to get on the scale EVERY WEEK at the ol’ Doctors – it’s not so hard to shovel large quantities of food into my mouth. I guess I go for QUALITY over quantity BUT lets be honest…a girl can do both right?!

First item on the LOVE TO EAT LATELY list is: Pancakes. Anything sweet really. I will eat it all. I made breakfast for dinner last night and while Brandon was in the shower I ate THREE pancakes and then when he was out I had another two! WOW. somebody stop me! Actually don’t bother…I won’t listen. Anyway love pancakes with LOADS of syrup. But here is where my foodie brain kicks in – it’s all about the Organic Syrup made with real sugar that I buy – none of this Log Cabin stuff. no way. Of course if that’s your bag I don’t judge.

Along with my sweet tooth I still enjoy my steak and potatoes for sure! And I am limiting my dairy intake because they say in the last month a baby can put on a lot of weight with dairy. So it’s Almond milk from here on out. Plus its so tasty…and like 8 carbs…try it I bet you won’t notice the difference. And Almond milk kicks Soy milk and Rice milk’s booty ANYDAY! Do a taste test for yourself and see.

And even though it doesn’t feel like fall I am still a FALL LOVER – so I am mixing up my Swiss Miss (with the tiny marshmallows) in either water or Almond milk…and dunkin my butter toast in it. If you haven’t tried dunking butter toast into hot chocolate you are missing out. OR cinnamon sugar toast…YOWZA! now we’re talking! Plus here’s a tiny Hip Tip for ya, Cinnamon is really good for blood pressure…so put it on everything you eat. It’s great!

Ok have I talked about food enough? Anyone hungry besides me? Gotta go (eat) Much love to all my mamas out there!!!!

getting it set up

As excited as I am for the new baby- I am soooooo not ready. We’ve been so busy during the week that the time just flies! So I still need to paint, assemble the furniture, all the laundry from all the awesome gifts we got, and organize it all! Our living room is just the holding tank for all the stuff that needs to be put away. I mean at least I have it all. I just need to DO something with it. lol.

Anyway I am sort of posting this HOPING someone will say “hey it’s all good Kell, don’t worry you’ll get it taken care of” but if that doesn’t happen then you will all know how behind I am. Hey I got to keep it real!

And while we are on the subject I am so glad that my husband is good at making decisions- a lot better than me for reals! Yesterday we were at Babies R Us and he just saw the straw baskets we needed got 6 of them and put them in the cart. Done. Now, me on the other hand I would have looked at them and thought about it, and then left the store, checked on line, gone to other stores and then thought about it some more. Not him, he sees what we need, throws it in the cart and pays for it. It’s so simple for guys! Anyway just thought I would share and give him a few props.

Less than a month away! How are all the expecting October mamas doing? I hope good!



So on Saturday I woke up and it was drizzleing and I heard THUNDER! It was the greatest sound! I love sleeping when it’s raining. The sound of the water hitting the window is so “womb like” that I am sure that’s why it’s so relaxing. And even though I have probabley bought like 3 noise machines with “rain falling” sound affects that it never sounds quite as good as the real thing.

Sunday, Brandon and I were surprised by an awesome baby shower thrown by our dear friends. It was amazing. Baby Boy got a TON of amazing things…he is set up for reals! B and I felt so blessed!

My mother in law was in town this weekend for the shower too. She brought her beast of a sewing machine to sew all sorts of diapers, and burp clothes, and blankets…it was GREAT! She also helped make some meals to freeze so we can eat them after the baby is born. Wonderful!

We are getting down to the wire and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all the emails and comments and texts of encouragement. A lot of people have asked. Yes, I am taking some time off, yes there will be a replacement for a bit. But I will be back…

MUCH love,


and this isn’t my last post…I will keep blogging up till the birth and beyond, that is, if people care to read this. lol.

Things a man would never know about being pregnant phase 4

┬áJason and Gavin were wondering about where all the weight comes from when you are pregnant because a baby only weighs an average of 8 pounds…well they had NO idea what ELSE is going into making that baby….

Where Does the Extra Weight Go During Pregnancy?


8 pounds


2-3 pounds

Amniotic fluid

2-3 pounds

Breast tissue

2-3 pounds

Blood supply

4 pounds

Fat stores for delivery and breastfeeding

5-9 pounds

Uterus increase

2-5 pounds


25 to 35 pounds