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get pretty

So thank you for all the wonderful suggestions via email and comments about what to decorate the babies room. You all must be seriously reading my mind because MOST of you said “beach theme!” Which, is my most favorite place in the whole world and something I was thinking already! Bunch of mind readers! BUT before you think I am gonna decorate the babies room like a damn Red Lobster (fake fishing nets and plastic crabs on the wall) think again. It’s mostly about the colors. I want it to feel “beachy” not to actually be THEMED. Does that make sense? (Don’t get me wrong- there isn’t anything WRONG with Red Lobster God knows I love their chedder bay biscuits…can I get an AMEN!)
SO here’s where we’re at…wall wise what do you think. Just an accent wall? Two walls? Stripes? The whole thing? I’d love your input! Color Choices
So all of these colors WOULD NOT be on a wall….they would be incorporated into the room. If you had to choose which “set” of colors do you like the best?
I won’t say which one I like the best but all of them have stuff I really like about it.
I am off to get my hair did at Cutloose Hair Salon. YES! I am in desperate need of hair help!!!
I wanna do something different- I will let ya know how it goes!
much love