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Not long now!

So we have less than two weeks! Of course I know, I could go over. I am totally aware of that. And everyone from my Doctor to Bill Bellamy (who was on the show on Friday) told me this.

I am just excited that’s all. But actually like I have said before, this part of parenting is super easy. I mean the babies fed, changed, and asleep all without me even doing anything – it’s pretty radical.

Last night B and I rented the movie “Away we Go” with Jim from the Office. It was so funny and really good. Anyone whose pregnant should totally see this! It’s not a sad one like Juno was…boy did that get the water works flowing!

Short post because I have a TON of stuff to get done before I leave (temporarily) on Friday.

mama to be!

mama to be!

Here is the latest prego pic that was taken by a dear friend and awesome photographer Stephen, he is the photographer for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger- so needless to say he can make anyone look steller. lol.

As soon as the nursery is all set up I will post some pics of that too…

much love!



when it comes to eating I am definitely eating more. I have blogged about this many times. But the one thing that I just don’t understand is how babies get hiccups. Little man got the hiccups like three times today. All after I got done eating sweets. I probably shouldn’t be eating sweets but gosh I know it will be something I won’t eat once I am not pregnant so I decided to take advantage of it now. And brownies seem to be my thing. OH! And for all you Gluten Free people out there (which I am) Betty Crocker has now decided to jump on the Gluten free bandwagon and her stuff is actually really good. I like my brownies fudgie so I don’t bake them as long as she tells me too, AND she says to use a half stick of butter and I use coconut oil instead because that is actually VERY good for you. SO anyway I was licking the spoon after I popped them in the oven and sure enough baby gets hiccups. THEN when I get home from dinner (we ate at On the Border – the only thing there that I really LOVE is their salsa…it’s bomb!!!) Anyway when I got home B and I decided to watch the newest episode of Curb your Enthusiasm and I wanted a brownie . No sooner had I gotten a few bites down and little dude gets the hiccups. What is he CHUGGING his amniotic fluid in there? Which kind of wigs me out if I think about it. Sorry if it does to you too.

Anyway I need to do some research on babies in the womb getting the hiccups. And why. But until then I am just gonna have to deal huh? Another thing I am dealing with is waistbands. My friend Sam, who just had her baby 9 weeks ago, said that by the end of her pregnancy she was mostly seen around the house without pants. That even yoga pants put too much pressure on her waist and beyond. I can’t agree more. I wore preggo jeans today and gosh even though they have that magic waistband that goes up an over baby bump the part that connects that fabric TO the jeans is like a tight belt around the baby…   So honestly I have no idea what to wear to work tomorrow. Maybe I can head to Good Will after work and pick up some Moo-moos. That was Gavin’s suggestion. PUH! I will buy one for me and one for HIM!

Ok well I gotta get some sleep. MUCH LOVE



I am watching House Hunters on HGTV and this couple is looking, obviously, for a house and the girl in the couple is pregnant and her ankles are HUGE. When you are pregnant you notice stuff like this, I guess.  I am switching back and forth to some old episode of Friends. Now, granted I am not a huge fan of Friends anymore but I totally watched it when it was on like 5 years ago. And all I have to say is “Rachel is NOT a mom” she has time to shop, hang at a coffee shop and look perfect 24/7! What a scam! I just got off ichat with my best friend who recently had her baby 8 weeks ago, and she is NOT doing ANY of that. I mean, don’t get me wrong she does look fabulous just 8 weeks after having a baby but she is not pulling a Rachel.

I think this is why people like reality tv. It’s actually real. I would rather see the preggo woman with the giant cankles strolling around Kentucky looking for a new house then see Rachel from Friends ‘pretend’ to be a new mom. Because if I polled 100 women who just had a baby I gaurentee they aren’t sitting in coffee shops reading Cosmo.

All I can say is “hats off moms!” I am about to join you! You are very selfless people who live real lives.

Much love



I have been lazy about my blog, haven’t I!
So I hosting an event at Suede Blue in Roseville tomorrow for Dr. Rasi – my dentist where I get my Invisaline – so fun and such good food.
Anyway so today I went out to get something to wear to the event. I am not mentioning WHERE – but I could not have been MORE annoyed with the sales girl there. I usually get a long really well with sales people and this woman wasn’t rude, she was just USELESS! I am a hands on person when it comes to shopping. I like the sales person to bring me clothing they think would be good or help me with sizes…the worse thing is having to puddleduck around the store in a clothes that don’t fit while you track down a larger/smaller size shirt. ya know?! Well this chick didn’t DO anything. She just sat at her register looking at her emails. Finally I just got dressed and left…why waste my time with that place? But I tell my sister what I am doing and she tells me she’s complete opposite. She likes sales people to leave her alone. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone and she doesn’t want their opinion of what she looks like in the clothes. I just can’t understand why you WOULDN’T??!?! But it made me think…are you a vocal hands on shopper who loves the help or someone who just wants to be left alone?
I did finally find a GREAT shirt that I can wear now and after baby is born I will say this- I got that at S.W.A.K. at the Fountains in Roseville. (Very helpful in there- let me tell you!)
Afterward I went to Whole Foods to get something to eat and drink. If you haven’t tried the coconut water you need too. It’s so refreshing and has so many electrolytes it’s so good for you and I am sure your baby will love it! I got the Mango flavored and the Passion fruit. YUM!
Hope you are doing really good and much love to all the mamas- I know there are a few of you giving birth in August so GOOD LUCK Ladies!

get pretty

So thank you for all the wonderful suggestions via email and comments about what to decorate the babies room. You all must be seriously reading my mind because MOST of you said “beach theme!” Which, is my most favorite place in the whole world and something I was thinking already! Bunch of mind readers! BUT before you think I am gonna decorate the babies room like a damn Red Lobster (fake fishing nets and plastic crabs on the wall) think again. It’s mostly about the colors. I want it to feel “beachy” not to actually be THEMED. Does that make sense? (Don’t get me wrong- there isn’t anything WRONG with Red Lobster God knows I love their chedder bay biscuits…can I get an AMEN!)
SO here’s where we’re at…wall wise what do you think. Just an accent wall? Two walls? Stripes? The whole thing? I’d love your input! Color Choices
So all of these colors WOULD NOT be on a wall….they would be incorporated into the room. If you had to choose which “set” of colors do you like the best?
I won’t say which one I like the best but all of them have stuff I really like about it.
I am off to get my hair did at Cutloose Hair Salon. YES! I am in desperate need of hair help!!!
I wanna do something different- I will let ya know how it goes!
much love

what a weekend

Friday was great…HOT but great…we went to a wedding, and the reception was outside, around the pool – YIKES! If you remember Friday was like 105 degrees holy moly. It was fun, lots of dancing, really good food, but it was HOT! And this pregnant girl could feel herself expanding like a hot air balloon.lol.
Saturday was a really fun day because it started off getting to see our baby boy! No I did not go into labor! We went to Invision Ultrasound in Folsom. I love going over there. Cynthia, the owner of Invision, is so cool and relaxed and takes her time to find the best positions to see you baby. I freaking love her! And the best part was little dude is growing and changing so much since the last time we saw him.
can you tell that’s a baby? lol…that’s him! He has his hands behind his head like in total chill-ax mode and it looks like little bubbles are coming out of his mouth. Such a thrill to see him! To see more about Invision Ultrasound and other pics of babies in the womb check out invisionultrasound.com !
Anyway so we were super stoked after we left and headed over to California Pizza Kitchen…love some CPK! We get their Greek Pizza…it’s so refreshing on hot days but still fills ya up!
Ok so Sunday rolls around and I am heading over to Whole Foods in Roseville. I am stopped at the light, first one in line, and just chilling there when WHAM! I hear a pop! I look behind me to see this women slam into me and the guy behind her slammed into her…so it was like a total chain reaction. LUCKILY there wasn’t a scratch on my car…but their cars were a different story…honestly I don’t know what made that guy push on the gas at a STOP LIGHT but who knows…I was a little frazzled to say the least but so thankful we were ok.
When I first got pregnant I read about this seat cover that tilts your forward so your seat belt isn’t across your baby bump. I also read up on exactly HOW to wear your seatbelt in case of an accident…I always make sure it’s low and across my hips and never across the bump. Many car manuals have a section about seat belts and how to wear them if you are pregnant. Check it out if you haven’t.
Anyway eventually I did manage to get my groceries, in case you were wondering. I also decided I deserve a treat. Whole Foods had a sale on these chocolate covered banana Popsicles- I am gonna go have one now. Much love and be safe!!!!

5 MORE things a guy wouldn’t know about being pregnant

Jason tells me to make up lists every month about different stages in my pregnancy. So this time we are at the 6 month mark. I am actually a little more than 6 months, but oh well.

-by the 6th month mark the baby’s testes have descended (now of course if you are having a girl her testes will never descend, because she has none. But don’t worry…That’s a good thing!)

– Be careful of something called Pregnancy Mask. Due to a change in hormones some women may get darker brown spots on their body if they are out in the sun for too long. This isn’t a tan- it’s more of a concentrated skin blotch. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it doesn’t. So be sure to wear SPF or a hat if you gonna head outdoors!

– Right now the baby is about the same length of a plastic recorder flute, or around 11-12 inches.
– The baby is able to hear, although a bit muffled, what is going on out in the world. (This worries me because for 4 1/2 hours a day I listen to Jason and Gavin, so that means that baby boy hears them too!!!!ack!)

– You are averaging about 3-4 times a night in potty breaks. (Although a listener told me this morning this is a good thing, it gets you used to waking up during the night when your baby is born!)

Things are rolling right along! We get to do another Ultrasound next weekend so we are super Amped about that!!! Thanks for all the emails and comments! Kelly@endonline.com


Thank God it’s Friday! Being pregnant has it’s ups and downs but Friday is definitly an UP! Can I get an amen from the back row sistas! ok so after I left work today I met my good friend Megan at Cheesecake Factory in Roseville…we ate outside with her DARLING 6 month old daughter Alana (sooo cute!). We get done eating and I decide since we both had salads that we DEFINITLY need some cheesecake…so I order Adams peanutbutter fudge ripple something something…Megan says she’ll have one bite and I go “oh come on it’s your birthday!”
well about 5 minutes later this stream of servers come over to our table singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Megan!…it really caught us off guard and Megs was bright red…although they came with a hot fudge sundae so that was a plus! We also ate the cheesecake. WHOOPS! oh well.
So many good stores opening at the Mall and it was good to get up and walk after our dessert! I bought some Coconut Tea (decaf!) from Teavana and headed home to relax.
The rest of the weekend will be spent either grilling, enjoying the AC and sleeping in. Then Sunday is FATHERS DAY! I got Brandon a “dad-to-be” fathers day card, and a special gift from the baby (Baby boy told me to get it for his dad I couldn’t say no;p) I will update that on Sunday after I give it to him.
Doing anything for the baby daddy in your life? Or for your own dad? I sent mine straight up cash…I figure he’s not gonna use a gift card (he will forget about it and leave it in his wallet to expire) and he has everything he needs so I told him to treat himself to a happy hour or something…I am sure he’ll figure it out. How much did I give him? Only 27 dollars…a dollar for every year he’s been my dad…lol.
ok gotta go relax – you do the same!

Pregnancy Website

So I get a lot of emails from preggos (by the way do you hate the word “Prego” my sister said she hated it when she was pregs but I really don’t care either way) Anyway so I have all these memberships to all these websites and if you aren’t on one of them – then I don’t know what you’re doing to pass the time while your baby “cooks” (or how you waste time at work…)
Here are a few of the ones I heard good things about or just like to check out myself:

*Babycenter.com – keeps track of your status, week by week updates on what your baby looks like each week. I like the time line it keeps for you when you sign in
*Babynamesworld.com- look up baby names from EVERY country in the world. Plus it gives you a week by week showing of what your baby looks like – that you can actually post on blogs and stuff!
*Mothering.com- a very natural take on birthing, children, and families. Very interesting topics in their community section and good advice from a whole slew of ladies (and dads).
So what are your favorite sites? Do you hunt for baby clothes all day, or do you stick to looking for the best deals on craigslist for baby furniture? I gotta admit I do it all! LOL!
I love hearing from you and can’t wait to hear more! Kelly@endonline.com or comment!
much love

hunger pains

Cravings!? YeP! I have talked to some of my friends who had crazy cravings! Anyway after I did some research on the topic I found that cravings are you bodies way of alerting you of something it needs! ALTHOUGH if you crave shots of tequila I don’t think that is what you’re body needs! At least not till the baby is BORN!
BUT if you are craving greasy food like McDonalds french fries with lots of salt – it’s PROBABLY your bodies way of saying it needs good salts like healthy foods – not Micky D’s…although their french fries and milk shakes are BOMB. I will admit!
What are you craving? Has it stayed pretty consistent the whole pregnancy or does it change month to month? For me:
first month: turkey sandwiches with all the works (mayo, lettuce, tomatoes,avocado, potato chips!)
second: Chinese food!
third: LEMONS! Lemonade, Limeade, anything citrus
fourth: FISH! (I know most of the time totally unappealing to a pregs girl but not this one!)
fifth: burgers, steak, RED MEAT!
Speaking of which I am going to start the grill right now and begin grilling…I have a huge steak waiting for me and I am still debating if I should share it with Brandon…! Don’t get between a pregnant girl and her food…am I right or am I right?!
much love