still waiting!

You guys, I am so sorry that I haven’t updated in sooooooooooo long. I have been waiting and waiting for SOMETHING to happen so I decided to put off blogging about it.

Anyway I am not really that over due anyway…so my DR. is like “no big deal”. Honestly that is very reassuring because I feel like most doctors like to freak you the hec out about stuff.

Although I am not on the show and Katie is filling in for me- I have been keeping SO busy. Normally after the show I use the excuse “I am too tired” to get stuff done, but now I don’t have that excuse so I have too. And it’s not so bad…..

Anyway anyone looking for baby stuff, whether its last minute or whatever, do not forget craigslist. SERIOUSLY. Everytime I went to babies R us to get a swing – it was never there and you couldn’t get it online for some DUMB reason. WELL the one I wanted was waiting for me on craigslist on Saturday so I just called the chick up and met her and paid 70 dollars LESS then what it was going for in the store! And yes, it was brand new, never opened still in the box. She was getting rid of it because she got two at her baby shower and wanted cash for it and not store credit. PERFECT! Anyway it’s awesome and has all the bells and whistles (which normally I am not that kind of person) but I hear swings are a life saver with newborns so I had to get it…now all I need is a newborn. LOL.

MUCH LOVE for all the emails and comments – you guys pretty much rock in my book.



#1 kelsey on 10.22.09 at 6:19 pm

glad to hear things r going great, its weird u not being on the show, hope things go well my brother just got here today and hes here 9 days before his due date, srry just thought id share 😀

#2 Destiny M on 10.28.09 at 8:02 am

Wow Kells. . . your still prigo!! When was your due date? LOL . . I think that baby is getting too comfy 😉

Well let us know when you pop!! :)


#3 shannon on 10.31.09 at 4:36 pm

Hey Kelly my family and I would like to tell you concrats on the new baby, we herd you had him yesterday. Ok we miss you come back to the show soon!!!