Although I have heard time and time again about “nesting” I really am not doing much of it. UNLESS you call the pillows encircling me as we type “nesting” cus then I am all about it. No joke. We have 8 pillows on our bed that is 6 more than what we usually use. I am not talking cute, square decorative pillows I am talking about long, prop you up pillows . I have a two dividing the bed B on one side me one the other I have one toward the bottom so that I can seperate my knees and then I have 3 more under my head. Did you do the math…that leaves one for Brandon. Oh well he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s gotten used to the pillows, the potty breaks, the cool temps (69 degrees anyone!?) the box fan BLARING all night long – he is the definition of “trooper.” I want to give HIM a gift for all he’s put up with – but then I remember – oh yeah I am the one pushing a baby out…I would say thats a big enough gift in itself. Here, Brandon- here’s a kid…take care of it for 18+ years. THANKS. *thumbs up*

Actually speaking of nesting. Gavin has offered to help us get things squared away at our house. And when I say “offer” I mean he through the obligatory “let me know if there’s anything thing you guys need” and I am SOOOOO taking him up on that offer. Of course I will make him dinner and supply the drinks- he just has to help Brandon move about 1000 pounds of office furniture out of the office and switch it into a guest bedroom. SiMPLE! right?! we shall see.

Till then tomorrow is Thursday (still haven’t gotten that moo-moo to wear- gotta put that on the my “to-do” list.) And I am on the hunt for a great rocking chair, one that reclines…so I can sleep and rock the babe at the same time…preferably leather….and not too large…anyone seen anything like that? And no, not a wooden glider with wooden arms… I have seen those, but they aren’t my bag.

thanks for checking in!



#1 kayla on 09.30.09 at 11:04 pm

ha ha good one with the hole gift joke. You shouldn’t have to thank him for the situation your in, he should thank you for even giving him such a gift! What i mean is you are going through a hole lot more than he is. So don’t feel obligated at any point.

#2 lisa on 10.03.09 at 12:01 pm

wow how long did it take u to do that me and my sister love waking up early to see wats going tohappen love ya take care ,lisa

#3 lisa on 10.03.09 at 12:03 pm

how is youre baby and wat r u going to call it againtake care lisa