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when it comes to eating I am definitely eating more. I have blogged about this many times. But the one thing that I just don’t understand is how babies get hiccups. Little man got the hiccups like three times today. All after I got done eating sweets. I probably shouldn’t be eating sweets but gosh I know it will be something I won’t eat once I am not pregnant so I decided to take advantage of it now. And brownies seem to be my thing. OH! And for all you Gluten Free people out there (which I am) Betty Crocker has now decided to jump on the Gluten free bandwagon and her stuff is actually really good. I like my brownies fudgie so I don’t bake them as long as she tells me too, AND she says to use a half stick of butter and I use coconut oil instead because that is actually VERY good for you. SO anyway I was licking the spoon after I popped them in the oven and sure enough baby gets hiccups. THEN when I get home from dinner (we ate at On the Border – the only thing there that I really LOVE is their salsa…it’s bomb!!!) Anyway when I got home B and I decided to watch the newest episode of Curb your Enthusiasm and I wanted a brownie . No sooner had I gotten a few bites down and little dude gets the hiccups. What is he CHUGGING his amniotic fluid in there? Which kind of wigs me out if I think about it. Sorry if it does to you too.

Anyway I need to do some research on babies in the womb getting the hiccups. And why. But until then I am just gonna have to deal huh? Another thing I am dealing with is waistbands. My friend Sam, who just had her baby 9 weeks ago, said that by the end of her pregnancy she was mostly seen around the house without pants. That even yoga pants put too much pressure on her waist and beyond. I can’t agree more. I wore preggo jeans today and gosh even though they have that magic waistband that goes up an over baby bump the part that connects that fabric TO the jeans is like a tight belt around the baby…   So honestly I have no idea what to wear to work tomorrow. Maybe I can head to Good Will after work and pick up some Moo-moos. That was Gavin’s suggestion. PUH! I will buy one for me and one for HIM!

Ok well I gotta get some sleep. MUCH LOVE